The 50-50-50 Project
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The 50-50-50 Project

I know on the rare occasions I buy movie magazines, I’m always first to turn to the success stories: How So-and-so Built a New Body or How Whats’ername Dropped Three Dress Sizes in Three Weeks. I think it’s the vicarious pleasure I get from seeing a woman succeed with the weight battle and the momentary thrill that whispers if she can do it, maybe, just maybe, I can too!

As a professional writer, I am empowered by stories, particularly stories that have that shimmering ending. That being said, I am also a realist and, like the Zen Masters, I also know the journey must be enjoyed as much as the destination.

At the start of this year, on the eve of my 50th birthday, I was an overweight, middle-age woman with a hankering for change. One month later I am still an overweight, middle-age woman, but the difference is this: I have taken change in hand.

I started a workout program at a gym. I started watching the food that goes into my mouth and the wine that goes down my throat, and I made a major commitment aloud: At the dawning of my 50th year I would loose 50 pounds in 50 weeks and, because it’s what I do best, I would write about it.

My yet unwritten book is tentatively titled The 50/50/50 project: A Women’s Spiritual Weight Lose Journey to Essential Self. I sought support and I found it in the form of Korezone Fitness, a private gym with a loving commitment to health and wellbeing.

I plan to write this non-fiction book in 50 chapters with insights and technical smarts provided by the clinicians at the gym, but, in order to keep my ideas together and to chart my course – the ups and downs, the ins and outs of exercising more and eating less – I decided to record the journey.

The book will spring from my on-line blog which you can read by going to The505050project. I’m not a movie star. I’m not extraordinary. I’m just taking this year to work towards a realistic goal, and I’m musing about it. I’d love it if you’d read. I’d love it if you’d comment. I’d love it if you took some inspiration and joined me on this crazy, 50 week journey to health.

Macpherson holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and has worked as a teacher and journalist in Halifax, Bermuda, and Vancouver. She currently lives in Edmonton with her husband and four unruly but exceptionally lovely children.




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