Is Your Downsized House a Home? 6 Tips to Add Warmth to Your Smaller Space
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Is Your Downsized House a Home? 6 Tips to Add Warmth to Your Smaller Space
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Is Your Downsized House a Home? 6 Tips to Add Warmth to Your Smaller Space

Is Your Downsized House a Home? 6 Tips to Add Warmth to Your Smaller Space

Downsizing is a necessity for life after 50, but also a powerful opportunity to reassess your life’s priorities and future goals. As you look to furnish your new abode, be thoughtful about your decorating – going small doesn’t have to mean going cold and uncomfortable. It’s easy to get caught up in the efficient and practical process of downsizing, so here are a few tips to help ensure your new dwelling is a welcoming home for you and your visitors:

1. Balance practical, multi-purpose décor with warm light.

You can’t be blamed for investing in small, multi-use furniture for your new space, but be sure to balance the practical modern styles with warm lighting. Whether through lamps with energy-efficient warm-light bulbs (LINK: ) or through small-space chandeliers (LINK: ), avoid overhead lighting if at all possible. Your downsized space can be easily lit with just a few lamps, and the homey glow is well worth the investment!

2. Warm up hardwood floors with colorful rugs.

Hardwood floors offer a timeless look that can greatly contribute to your home’s warmth. Take the coziness and vibrancy up a notch or two by adding a colorful round area rug (LINK: ) or runner. You’ll be grateful for the lively colors and the warmth under your feet on cold winter mornings!

3. Get creative with your bookshelves.

Nothing says “home” like a full bookshelf. In your downsized house, explore new ways to organize your shelves to maximize space and creativity. BrickBox offers stackable modular bookshelves (LINK: ) that can be easily configured into any imaginable arrangement. You can keep it all together in one room or spread the literary warmth throughout your house.

4. Surround yourself with plants.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or have never been within sniffing distance of a fresh herb, surrounding yourself with plants is one of the easiest and most fun ways to nurture a welcoming atmosphere. From potted plants on the balcony to indoor herb gardens (LINK: ), invest in living décor and get ready to harvest the long-term benefits.

5. Keep your kitchen stocked with good food for visitors.

Of course, a welcoming home goes far beyond décor. Keep children, grandkids, and other visitors nourished with a well-stocked kitchen of healthy snacks and beverages. Homemade snacks that keep for long periods are the best option. Try your hand at baking some simple grain-free granola (LINK: ) and keep it close by in a classic glass jar (LINK: ). Or, keep a small, well-stocked tea box in the kitchen for guests in need of a warm cup on a cold day. It’s just another small way you can make your downsized house a home.

6. Drowning in books and photos? Go digital – but keep your favorites.

Transitioning your books to an e-reader and your photos to the computer (LINK: ) can save loads of space in your new home. Most e-readers can hold thousands of titles and your photo albums likely won’t make a dent in your computer’s hard drive space. It’s a long process, but soon you’ll be shocked by the amount of space you’re able to clear.

But there is a caveat: a home without physical books or photos is not going to feel particularly warm and cozy. The key is to find a middle ground. Keep a small collection of your absolute favorite books (stacked artfully on the module bookshelves mentioned above) and at least one or two family photo albums. And when friends and family come calling, don’t keep those digital photos hid away – keep your tablet on a stylish wood display stand (LINK: ) to share your memories with guests.

Joe Cohen

Joe has 16 years' experience in the entertainment and media industries, recently moving into the digital field. A jack of all trades, Joe has served as a publicist, booking agent, digital producer, artist manager, production manager, contract rep and probably a few other things he can't quite recall. 




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