We are a Rockin’ Generation.
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We are a Rockin’ Generation.

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We are a Rockin’ Generation.

We are not sitting in our rocking chairs (unless it helps with sexual positions). We are energetic, sexual, powerful and beautiful, even if we’ve gained a few pounds or are so thin that we have knobs where our elbows and knees used to be. What all too few people realize is that no one in our culture has ever lived this long, or as healthily. We have become the role models we seek. We are the pioneers for those wonderful women who will come after us. Instead of sitting around bemoaning what we’ve lost, embrace this process.  It is ours to love, cherish, grow with and ultimately teach.

Intimate baby boomersLet’s face it, the lines we complain about on our faces are well earned and that pesky vaginal dryness that so many have to contend with is real. Our bodies may not move with the flexibility of youth. But, now that we are no longer acrobats, do we still really want to swing from chandeliers in the first place? Haven’t we already been there and done that?

We do have to help ourselves with consistent self care. Boring, I know. But exercise and eating well keeps those fluids flowing. An attitude shift is really what is needed. Penetration is great. Orgasms (alone or with a partner) are fun and keep body fluids free and flowing, making our moods and hormones happier. But, sex is more than target practice and hitting the elusive G spot (If it even exists). The brain is the biggest sex organ, so an attitude tune-up is necessary. Touching is wonderful and kissing counts. Laughter also helps keep everything lubricated. Seasoned (aka senior) sex is coming out of the closet. Listen up kids and the entire world, your parents and even randy dandy grandma and grandpa are doing it too.

Having a Talk with the Elders

And while we’re talking about kids, whether you’re 20, 40 or 60, have you considered having “The Talk” with all of those elders having sex that you’d prefer not to think about? My thirty three year old daughter still tells the world that her mother writes about relationships. Although that is true, the idea of her mother writing about, or heaven forbid, actually “doing it,” is just too much to handle. This reluctance to think about parents as sexual beings, except for the fact that you know that they produced you and/or your siblings, is relatively universal. Think about it though, if you don’t love them enough to try to protect them and explain the modern world to them, who will?

Dr. Dorree Lynn, PHD, is a psychologist and life coach in Washington, DC and author of Sex for Grownups: Dr. Dorree Reveals the Truths, Lies, and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50. She is AARP's Media "Sexpert" and has been featured on ABC, MSNBC,CNN, Fox News & VH1. www.DrDorreeLynn.com




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