Are you living a charged life?
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Are you living a charged life?

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Are you living a charged life?

Take a look around, are the people closest to you supporting you or holding you back? If you were to say to your closet friend, hey I have this great idea to write a book, take singing lessons, run for Mayor, would they applaud you or give you the “Are you nuts look?” Unfortunately most of us have more of the second group in our lives and I for one had more than my share. The sad thing was, even when they weren’t in the room or near me, I could hear them say, “You can’t do that, who do you think you are?” It takes courage my friends, and for me many hours of coaching and personal development courses to get those destructive voices from my brain.

It was very empowering for me to start to spend more time with people like myself you had ideas, yes sometimes they are out there, but the majority of the time, they are brilliant and original.

What really is exciting for me is when I meet women who think like me, and who are living their dreams. It doesn’t matter if it is writing a book, writing a song, changing your career, but living a charged life. Brendan Bouchard writes about the 3 different lifestyles that people live, a comfortable lifestyle, a caged lifestyle or a charged lifestyle.  

The person living a charged live is wondering “ Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others, am I living my truth and actualizing my potential?

I won’t get into describing the other 2 lifestyle’s as I am sure you understand them, or pickup the book, it is a good read.

I decided unconsciously long ago to not get too comfortable or trapped, that experiences and making a difference was my journey. Living a charged life can be tougher sometimes, even more stressful at times. But ladies, it also makes me feel more joyful and grateful to be alive.

My highlight of the summer is attending the Canmore Folk Fest, and this year I was blessed with meeting several ladies my age, who are excited about being baby boomer women. Two of the ladies were singers and songwriters, another runs Goddess Seminars. We chatted up a storm and found the common ground in mere minutes, none of us could talk fast enough to get it all out before the music started again. We shared information and are now hooked up on facebook and they have become followers of this enewsletter.  So many opportunities are lost because we are afraid to make the first move. That lady sitting alone at the next table could be “Your New Best Friend” (Sharon, that was for you). Sorry private joke.

Another opportunity I had was meeting the fabulous Rhea March from Edmonton. She mentors under 21 kids in songwriting, performing and singing. I saw her, I knew her, but she had never met me, so I approached Rhea and introduced myself. She was thrilled and thanked me, another baby boomer women following her passion.

There are opportunities everywhere, but like always, you can’t sit in your back yard and expect that they will come to you. My Fabulous@50 meetup group is continuing to grow  daily with over 300 members and we hit our 100th event this week. But many ladies sign up and never come out, nothing changes unless you TAKE ACTION.

I will take another leap and say, if you are waiting for retirement to start, you are missing the message. Today is the day, go for a walk, join a group, join my group, get a personal coach, but do something, every day is precious. If NOT NOW, when?

I recommend to anyone who will listen to me, to make sure you have a creative outlet in your life. Singing, dancing (belly-dancing is awesome) painting, writing, gardening…it is necessary for a balanced life to have a creative outlet. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it, be child-like and enjoy the process.

I would love it if you would share what you do to keep that creative spark alive.

Fabulously yours, Dianna

P.S. If you want to share your hidden talents and win prizes. Check out the Baby Boomer Talent Search at

Suggested Reading:
The Charge – Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive – Brendan Burchard

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron





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Roberta Leventhal

I apologize in advance for ghe gloom of the following message. Your site is designed to be inspiaritional to this age and stage of our lives. I think tha's "fabulous." Oprah, Iyanla, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra all have inspirational slogans and beliefs they like to proselytize. A wealth of books target the same subjects. I've listened, and I'v read, heard cliches from friend, family and therapists. Despite my efforts, my question has yet to be answered. Here's my issue:<br /><br />I knew my passion early in life; I studied for it and acheived my dream job; I was successful and passionate for the 30 years that I worked before I had to take a short term disability. Due to unexpected circumstances, that short term turned into a long term, and my career was over. I take satisfaction in knowing I suceeded in doing what I wanted, and I realized and was calmed by that closure.<br /><br />I had a wonderful marriage to the love of my life for twenty-five years until I was blind-sided by his adultry which he turned into a public circus while I was on short term leave. I broke.<br /><br />I was blessed with one spectacular daughter, the finest human being I have ever met. I k ow i have mothered to the best of my ability-she just graduated and is ready to begin her career. She is leaving, and most mothers will agree that although we raise our kids to do just that, it's heartbreaking when it happens.<br /><br />I have volunteered at several organizations and disliked it. I studied another language, one which was to be useful during my husband's and my retirement. I have joined activities where women my age speak of husbands, travel, parties, etc. I moved from the burbs to downtown, realizing too late that I was way out of my demographic. All of my friends are married.<br /><br />FINALLY the questionS: what do you do when you have fufilled your passions and know who you were meant to be? What do you do when family is your first priority by a loving choice, know you were meant to be a wife and mother also, and you find yourself with no family at all? What do you do when friends now only occasionally get together and you know that they all have someone at home who loves them? What do you do when all you can notice when out and about are people's wedding rings? What do you do when you know that you have been very fortunate to have found your true places and passions And they no longer exist?<br /><br />DO YOU COMPROMISE THE REST OF OF YOUR LIFE??<br /><br /><br /><br />

Dianna Bowes

Hi, I have had a similar path, first of all thank you for sharing and what I would suggest is for you to get a coach or start doing some personal growth work. I have had a similar path, my husband was an addict, I raised my kids on my own and had a serious spine surgery that had me stop in my tracks for over a year. <br />The hardest thing for us as human being is to let go of the past. Embrace your past, forgive those who need forgiving (especially yourself) and move on. Nothing good can come from hanging on to the past. The only thing that can be changed is you, so working on yourself is the only solution. I know because I spent many hours and months focusing on me and my victim attitude. <br />If you are interested I could direct you to a couple of wonderful coaches that could help you with this. <br />I can tell from your message that you are a loving, caring women, you deserve a wonderful life, and you have the power and control to reach it, just you. <br />Dianna<br />If you want some referrals my email is

Debbie Smith

Inspiration! Activation! Motivation! Don't STOP MOVING! Find the strength! Find the courage and make the moves! I turn 50 next month! I'm putting together my own birthday celebration - because not many family members will show up. I too have had a hell path, but it has made me what I am today - Tenacious. Several years back, I broke as well, and had a nervous breakdown. I didn't have the skills to work through a narcississtic relationship, and a husband who was leading a double life. It just about killed me! I asked Jesus to take me home, and thank God he didn't. We all have a voice - we ALL have a story to share and Its time! Now is the time for me to share my story. I am seeking out assistance to make my dreams come true. I went back to school and shootting for the stars! People who are not happy in their own lives have taken years off of my life.... No longer - I'm marching, trudging, singing, shouting my way through it. Back off world. I'm breaking free at 50!!!

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