Lean Into Your Life!
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Lean Into Your Life!

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Lean Into Your Life!

How do you live your life?
John and I did a movie night a few weeks ago and the main character was sharing some life lessons that his father had taught him. One  of the lessons was to lean into life, good or bad.This made me think, what did that mean. I liked that term, and I certainly have never been a lean into life person.

For most of my life I leaned the other way. I didn't participate in anything for fear of making mistakes or looking foolish. I missed so much. Needless to say that was the safe and easy road, but it made me miserable. I am still not the most adventurous women around, I don't downhill ski or jump out of planes. But I am curious about life. And when conflict arises, even though it makes me sick to my stomach, I do my best to find a win-win. So I would say I lean into life both ways. It takes courage, trust in yourself and faith that whatever happens will move you forward to understanding yourself or the situation better.

When I was a young woman I didn't understand that having a disagreement or a misunderstanding with someone could possibly propel the relationship to a higher level. This was not my experience in my family, as disagreements usually ended in a fist fight.

Some times the air needs to be cleared, the energy shifted and with clear communication and a willingness to have a conversation based on mutual respect, it is a opportunity to understand the other person or the situation from a different perspective. Yes, it is rare, as most people want to be right much more than they want to be understood.


Women are communicators, but many of us baby boomers were told growing up if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Oh and if you need to talk, talk to your girl friends. Hence the passive-aggressive monster enters. So here is an example, I am annoyed at John, but instead of saying anything to him, I call up a girlfriend and we bitch and complain about our partners, bosses, kids...etc. you get the picture. The starts an ugly circle, and gets nowhere. How many times I have been sitting in a restaurant listening to several women talking about their husbands, bosses or colleagues. The people that we share these problems with have their own agenda and issues, and this sharing ritual sometimes ends up with lost friendships or bitter feeling about the person not included in that conversation.

Bitch Sessions

When I decided to stop doing the bitch sessions with girlfriends, I noticed there seemed to be less to talk about. Hmmm, isn't that interesting. Anyways, if you have an issue, talk it to the person you have a problem with. Come from an accountable place (not blaming) example " use the I words, not you did this or that. Lean into it, life is worth it.

Fabulously yours, Dianna




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Well said Dianna. I gave up bitchin' to my Mom about my life back in my early 20s because it had occurred to me that I was running to her everytime I had a problem with my feelings instead of learning how to mature emotionally. I rarely bitch about my husband, my clients, co-workers, parent (my mom passed 4 yrs ago), but I am still working on not bitchin about my kids. I'll lean in a little harder.


Well said my friend. We've never had a problem communicating... I love our hour long phone chats but nothing beats getting together and sharing a hug. If I had to describe our friendship in one word... AUTHENTIC!!!!! Love ya soul sista (:

jeanie Lozon

Love the story LEAN INTO LIFE !!!!


As one Dianna to another, I just happen to come across your website. First I put on the brakes because I rarely find a Dianna who is generous with the "Ns". I am inspired about your embracing 'lean into life". My words to that concept have generally been, 'go boldly into every season of your life.' As I prepare for a women's conference on october 27, 2012, where I will be speaking and holding an open forum with women from all walks of life, I cast my net wide for wisdom and inspiration. <br /><br />I am the founder and President of the Women Lifting Women Forum dedicated and committed to LIFTING women to their highest potential in every aspect of their lives. I don't have to tell you that each time we inspire, each time we give a lift, we move closer and closer to a peace that surpasses all understanding. I don't know quite how I stumbled upon you but I am grateful for the stumble. My audience would surely be blessed if you and your group were a part of it. I can imagine the wonderful experience you could share from inspiring women to your Peace of Heart Project. You are an inspiration to women, you are an inspiration to life. Thank you and keep giving!! <br /><br />Dianna Tafazoli


main character was sharing some life lessons that his father had taught him ..... can you share the title of the movie, and the lessons, so we can also watch the movie and learn some more<br />- also I find that you only pick-up from a movie or book, whatever the status of your life is at that moment ... so next time you see the movie, you might pick-up on other lessons<br /><br />- so name of movie and the lessons learnt will be appreciated, and would have made the info in the blog more relevant.


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