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As we look past at last year and look ahead for the New Year, we are filled with many emotions.  This is a great time to evaluate how far you have come and look ahead to where you are going. Here are some questions to ask yourself for reflection:

1) What was I blessed with this year?

2)What lessons did I realize?

3) What thoughts/actions/events do I want to let go of?

4)What goals did I complete?

5)What goals do I have going into 2011?

6)What am I most proud of myself for this year?

7)What will I do to honor myself this year? Will it be once a day/week/month?

Once you have answered these questions, turn your thoughts towards visioning for the New Year: visioning is the key because you are visualizing, feeling, and therefore manifesting your reality.  I invite you to do some visioning based on the 9 areas of the Feng Shui bagua: wealth, fame and reputation, partnership (marriage), family, health, children and creativity, knowledge, career, helpful people and travel.   You can write/journal and use photos to create your intentions.  As you are creating, think "what are my values?, how am I limiting myself in anyway? in what areas are there ways to improve?, and what is my main focus?".  The more colorful and visual your imagery is, the more powerful your vision is.

It is a good idea to support your vision with daily positive affirmations.  Keep your visioning in front of you everyday and refer to it often.  You can make a collage, a book journal, wallpaper on your computer, your bathroom mirror;  be creative in ways so that you are touching your dreams several times a day.  I am excited to hear about your visioning and the all the great things that are happening in your life.  This is your year to make it happen!  Share with us on this blog about your vision....

 by Joanne Ward, Owner BOLD beauty,






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