Lessons from Teddy
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Lessons from Teddy

I lost a very dear companion 3 weeks ago, my cat Teddy. She lived though some tough times with me, moving 4 times, which was hard on her and tolerating various furry companions. She was always close by, like a little shadow, comforting her people. Teddy came into our life when my son was 4 years old, he is 20 now. These two had quite a love affair, she blinked her blue eyes at him, like he was the love of her life. I guess that is why she went to his room to spend her last minutes. My friend Dorothy bonded with Teddy during a stay this summer. They would have a very loud conversation every morning, because Teddy was afraid Dorothy wasn't going to leave her any milk from her cereal. Quite a commotion...

When Teddy came into our lives, she brought a fragmented family together. We rescued her when she was 3 weeks old, so tiny, so trusting that we could care for her. We had to teach her to eat and use a litter box, the kids would rush home every night and fight over who would feed her from a eyedropper. We all took turns, washing and caring for her like her missing mother would do. This period of time, was full of laughter, kindness and thinking only of what this little kitten's needs were. Such a gift to my family. She taught us how to play in the leaves in the fall and the wrapping paper at Christmas, how to rest and nap in the sun. Teddy never turned down an opportunity for a afternoon nap, and sometimes having her on my lap was a great excuse to stay still.

Pets can teach us so much, and I find it really hard to ever imagine not having a pet in my life. I wonder how much better our relationships would be if we loved the people in our lives the way our pets love us. Spending time together, meeting you at the door with a snuggle, playing, resting and just sharing life together. Total acceptance, with no judgement...

Fabulously Yours,
Dianna Bowes
Founder of Fabulous@50




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