What's Your 2020 Vision?
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What's Your 2020 Vision?
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What's Your 2020 Vision?

Reflections on New Years Eve 2020

Reflections on New Year's Eve 2020


As I look through my Facebook feed I see lots of people reflecting on the past decade so I decided to sit down and write a list for myself about what has been going on, over the past ten years. After doing so, I can honestly say that this past decade has held the most significant changes and growth for me, in all of my life.


I have grown in ways that I never would have imagined. I’ve deepened my capacity to love, strengthen my relationships, and indulged my passion for learning and adventure. 


I’m healthier, happier and stronger than I have ever been… mentally, emotionally, physically. 


I heard once, that people often overestimate what they can accomplish in one year, but underestimate what they can do in five. Well… what’s happened in the past ten years blows me away. 


I believe the power of gratitude verges on magical. 


  • In 2010 I was finalizing my divorce and embarked on a whole new journey of self discovery and personal development.


  • Through that work I then opened myself up to a new relationship that makes my heart smile. We are coming up on eight years strong now. 


  • I returned to university to reinstate as an RN and enjoy rewarding work as an oncology nurse at Tom Baker Cancer Centre


  • I dared to launch into the entrepreneurial world and became the Community Leader for Fabulous@50 Calgary 


  • I fuelled my passion for learning by studying light therapy, Sound Wellness, and Belief Re-patterning. This led me to offer my private wellness practice... Brilliant Light Wellness 


  • I have had the privilege to witness my three children and two step daughters grow into incredible, “fun to be around” adults, each on their own unique path. 


  • I’ve taken some wonderful holidays and adventurous to: Nepal and India, Ireland and England, Costa Rica, Mexico and Hawaii. 


  • I’ve said goodbye to my mother, some friends who were too young to die and two sweet loyal dogs. 


  • I’ve cried on shoulders and offered mine to friends and family going through the messiness of life.


  • I’ve made choices which created both joys and regrets.


  • I’ve danced at numerous weddings and I’ve delighted at helping to welcome beautiful grand nieces and nephews into the world. 


  • I know what it’s like to be stressed to the point of overwhelm and to choose to not let it crush me. I now know I have choices and there is always support to draw on. 


  • I’ve experienced that incredible feeling of paddling on a tranquil lake so calm it serves as a massive mirror to the majestic mountains that surround. I choose to draw on that energy daily for my strength. 


  • I’ve learned how to move from being wired and tired to calm and energized. It’s not always easy. It’s a choice and it takes focus ... and… it is so worth it.  


  • I’ve learned how to care for me and ultimately be able to give more to others. 


As I welcome 2020 and the next decade, I am confident that it will hold a new swirl of joy and heartache, and through it all… May I learn, grow and love. 



AuthorJoanne Neweduk


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