Who’s Afraid of Colon Hydrotherapy?
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Who’s Afraid of Colon Hydrotherapy?

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Who’s Afraid of Colon Hydrotherapy?

You Are!!  If you haven’t had a personal experience with this life changing treatment, then of course, you’re afraid.

The unfortunate thing, we in North America have not been educated about the colon.  We have not been educated on the healing effects of Colon Hydrotherapy.  This lack of education is costing us our

health and it is costing us the empowerment that comes from Self-Directed Healing without unnecessary pharmaceuticals.

The colon is a hugely important organ that directly affects:

·   Our Health

·   Our Energy

·   Our Moods

·   How good or bad we feel.

·   The level of pain we experience.

·   It influences whether we will experience disease in our lifetime.

When we feel ill we go to the doctor and receive a diagnosis.  A diagnosis is not the education we need to be seeking. 

Let Us Educate Ourselves on Prevention

Colon Hydrotherapy is a treatment that facilitates disease prevention. 

The colon is a very complex organ.  We are under the impression our heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, and brain are the very important organs in our body.  What we don’t understand, as an entire culture, is what happens in the colon affects all of these organs.

Crash Course:  Biology 101 The colon is about 3½ to 5 feet long and about 2-2½ inches in diameter.  The temperature inside the colon is about 36oC.  The inside of the colon is moist and dark. 

It is an elastic tubular muscle designed to evacuate after every meal (at least 3 times a day).  Before the colon eliminates waste it absorbs as much water as it can because water is very valuable to the body.

We can’t leave our kitchen garbage in the house for too long in warm temperatures.  But waste can sit in our colon for days and we don’t think too much about it.  Remember that one of the functions of the colon is to absorb water before it eliminates the waste.  This water is being absorbed from putrefied material.  This water supplies cranial fluid, lymphatic fluid, blood, spinal fluid, synovial fluid (joints).

Then we wonder how it happens that we get diseased and feel pain.  Effluence from our bowel seeps back into our system and where we have a genetic weakness we experience disease or pain.

The colon is a muscle, if not exercised daily, it loses its tone.  It becomes flaccid and because it is elastic it can accommodate accumulation of waste beyond imagination. 

We hear of celebrities who through their autopsies were said to have pounds and pounds of waste in their colons. 

The beauty of the colon being a muscle is that muscles can be retrained to function efficiently.  This can be achieved through Colon Hydrotherapy.  It not only helps the body get rid of accumulated putrefied material, but it is also like taking your colon to the gym.

Colon Hydrotherapy is where massage was 25 years ago. Whispers and associated with “Massage Parlours”.

Today, massage has credibility and is recognized by the medical community because we are educated about the benefits of massage.  Colon Hydrotherapy will get their too, one day. 

Don’t let rumours direct your health.  Let’s shine a light on Colon Hydrotherapy and educate ourselves.  Give yourself more power and control over your own health.

Words people associate with Colon Hydrotherapy who have experienced the benefits:

·     Respectful

·     Empowering

·     Compassionate

·     Nurturing

·     Enlightening

·     Discrete

·     Life Changing

·     Dignified

·     Informative

·     Defies your imagination.

Please consider that “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” is a dangerous philosophy to live by.  Ask questions, learn.

A Registered Colon Therapist will assist you on your road to freedom.

Written by Sharon Hample, - Colon Hydrotherapist

To reach Sharon, sharon@soliswellness.com or 780-488-1552



Sharon Hample, RCHT





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