What Inspires You?
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What Inspires You?

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What Inspires You?

spencer beachWhat inspires you? Is it a person, maybe a singer or a famous person like Oprah? For me it is usually someone who has had a difficult journey and makes sense of it by giving back to the community. One who has been given lemons and makes lemonade and share it to their circle of influence.

Spencer Beach

I was invited to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Spencer Beach’s accident. Spencer is a St. Albert man who was burned in a work accident to over 80% of his body with 3rd and 4th degree burns. To say he inspired me would be an understatement. He shared his feelings so openly and clearly that it was hard to listen to him at times. But the message I received loud and clear was about accountability and the importance of his family. He takes responsibility for what happened to him and decided to make a difference by reaching out to get the message out about working and living safe. He said people are surprised by him, because nothing rattles him. Spence says it is pretty simple, nothing is as important as his family, that they are happy , healthy and safe. That is as simple as it gets.

We live in this world filled with people wanting to be younger, more beautiful and being unhappy with such insignificant things. In Spencer's book he says when he dreams he is always the man before the accident, with soft, tanned and unscarred skin. This made me think of something my grandfather one said to me as a child. He said even though I am old on the outside, I still look through the eyes of the young strong man I once was. My first husband was killed in a propane explosion, if he lived he would have been severely burned and in a wheelchair. What I know for sure, is he would of been a person that others would have been inspired by. Even though he is gone, the person he was still inspires me to be someone who cares deeply for others and is always willing to help when needed.

Rotary Club

I was also invited to the Rotary Club awards evening  a few days after Spencer’s event. The awards were given to people that are making a difference in the community. The common element that each of them voiced very humbly, was how much they enjoyed what they did and never expected any recognition for it. These people inspire me, because they are fulfilled by giving their time, knowledge and energy to help others.

So embrace these days, we don't know what is to come tomorrow or 5 minutes from now. Ask Spencer, his life changed in mere seconds. Be inspired by the ordinary and be an inspiration to others. If not now, When?

Who inspires you and what quality do you have that could inspires others? I would love to hear your answers.

Read Spencer"s book In Case of Firewww.spencerspeaks.ca




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Susanne Heaton

First off, thank you for sharing this story of inspiration. Second, please accept my condolences regarding your late husband.<br /><br />Children in general are a great inspiration to me because they look at life through eyes of wonder. As to a specific individual, I would have to say Spencer West is a huge inspiration to me. I myself climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with all my limbs in tact. I had some knee and foot issues along the way, but I did it. When I saw this video of Spencer West climbing for such an awesome cause, with no legs, I could not help but let the tears stream down my face. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHWXGPgyj1c" rel="nofollow">www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHWXGPgyj1c</a> He is truly an inspiration. Thank you for letting me share. <br /><br />


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