The First Few Sample Chapters of Annie's Book
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The First Few Sample Chapters of Annie's Book

The First Few Sample Chapters of Annie's Book
Super Kelly 5552

The First Few Sample Chapters of Annie's Book

Passport to Life - How I Overcame Incurable Cancer Through the Power of Travel

The Day I Called the Bomb Squad

I wonder how many calls the Bomb Squad in Calgary get in one year. I’ll bet they weren’t expecting a call from someone like me; a former church girl turned business woman on her way to a businesswomen’s networking dinner.

“Hello 911. I’ve got A BOMB inside me. I NEED YOU TO COME RIGHT AWAY.”

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall that day to listen to the Bomb Squad as they made their way over to answer my call. Did they ask themselves, “Is this woman was for real? Or is she just another nut job? What kind of woman would end up with a bomb inside her anyways? And how did it get there in the first place?”

I knew how - it was planted inside me by...

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