Stopped in my tracks
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Stopped in my tracks

Stopped in my tracks
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Stopped in my tracks

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Elizz. All opinions are 100% mine.

John and Dianna skiingI love cross country skiing, I love the motion of it, I love the fresh air and being out in nature. On a Sunday in January, I was out skiing and thought about how skiing parallels life. We could be moving smoothly through the snow, in the ski tracks, enjoying the scenery with the sun on our faces, when bam, we fall on your face. What happened? My ski stuck on something and I went down like a sack of potatoes. I looked at the track, and there it was, a tiny little pine cone sitting on in the ski track. Much like life, that is how it happens, all is well, then bam...our lives may change. This happened to me (us) almost 2 years ago.

My husband, the guy who loves all things fast and furious, went downhill skiing. As a guide, he goes on a regular basis and has no problem with getting up at 4:00 am and taking a 5 hour bus ride into the mountains. On this beautiful spring day, he fell, and was badly injured, with a ruptured artery in his shoulder. It was bad, real bad. With tremendous gratitude to medics, Stars Air ambulance and doctors, they pulled him through without losing his arm, which had been without blood for 8 hours. Almost dying several times in the operating room, the surgeons pulled him back. Did I mention it was his dominant right arm and that he is an electrician. Life changes here we come.

5 Stages of Caregiving Quiz

For many months, John's arm just hung from his shoulder like a dead codfish. I became his caregiver, helping him get dressed, cutting his food and literally being his right arm as he healed. I am not a nurse, to be honest, I faint at the sight of needles, but here I am changing dressing on an arm cut from shoulder to wrist. This was not a role I thought I would be in. I am not only his wife, but his nurse now. We had help at first, but all the hours in between, it was just us. It is hard to make these adjustments in any relationship. I always joked that John was my Sherpa, but now I am his. It challenges me for sure, but the fact is, it also makes me stronger knowing what I am capable of as well. Here is a great article that helped me.

John continues to progress as we head towards year 2 of the accident. The added work and stress on me is simple, I carry the load, because he can't. I cut the grass, shovel the snow, carry the groceries... You get the message. I am not complaining as I am more than grateful he is beside me every night when we go to sleep and ever morning I awake, but the extra load is tiring sometimes. Having a place to go to for answers has been a blessing. Elizz one of those places I can go to to for support if I need it. If you need coaching, or just need expert advice to help you navigate the health care system, they can help you build a plan.


Which Elizz caregiver services are right for you?

Life will present us challenges and it is so great to know that there are people and companies out there that can help us (caregivers) when we need support.


Dianna Bowes is the founder of Fabulous@50 and the Creative Director of Be Fabulous! Magazine.

Dianna has won numerous awards such as the 2011 YWCA Women of Distinction Award (Turning Point category) 2014 Leaders of Tomorrow Business Award, 2015 Stevie Bronze - Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year. She is a creative soul, who loves connecting people and embracing life. Travel, great food, family, friends and a long bike ride on a sunny day is her definition of great life.

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