Celebration of love
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Celebration of love

Celebration of love
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Celebration of love

I am blessed to be able to travel to wonderful places in the world. We had a purpose to our trip this time, a wedding in Cardiff Wales, my stepson married a wonderful Welsh lassie. So we figured if we are going to Europe, we may as well go to Paris and London. I have never been to Paris before and can hardly wait to go back. I absolutely loved it! The galleries, the architecture, the wine...But as much as I love to travel, I always love to come home. Event though the weather was nasty here in Edmonton, I looked forward to being in my cozy home, with the daughter and furry kids. I love my home, my friends and the beautiful sunshine of Alberta. The only day we had sunshine while we were away was the day of the wedding, interesting how that worked. Then the next day, it is overcast again.

After a week of seeing as much as we could in these amazing cities we took the train to Cardiff . This a a great way to travel, comfortable, food and refreshments served along the way with a great view of the countryside.

Cardiff with love

Once we reached Cardiff, we were welcomed with so much love, I still get emotional thinking about it. As with any trip there were challenges, but all is forgotten because of the generosity and warmth of our welsh family.

We were brought to our hotel to freshen up and then met the brides parents for tea and then they took us to dinner at a favorite restaurant. Even though everyone was very busy with the wedding plans, the people were the first priority. Always time for tea.

Wedding Bliss

I have been to many wedding including 3 of my own, but this was one of my favorites. Everyone was involved, even me, the step-mom. I got to pull out my florist skills and help decorate the arch with fresh flowers and ivy.

The ceremony was unique, so touching and this young couple have it right. I have never seen two people so on the same page as Andrew and Naomi. Their love for God and each other filled my heart and everyone's in the church. Naomi's father performed the service, as he is a pastor, then switched his hat to father of the bride to give her away. The oldest brother spoke to them with a brilliant speech and her sister played the cello along with a band. Then after the ceremony as expected, tea and snacks were served.

We moved to the beautiful Vale Resort for the reception for a wonderful meal and party.

Love and People

All the little touches were there, the little gifts on the table and a candy cart that people were enjoying immensely. It was interesting, the parents sit at the head table, not the groomsmen or bridesmaids. I sat at one side of the table and the mother of the groom sat at the other end.

After being in the flower business for part of my career, I have seen so many wedding that are on the ridiculous side. Overspending, crazy antics, and fighting, creating so much stress and frustration. Television has made is so much worse, to the point where i feel these couples have forgotten there is a marriage to follow.

As with any major event, weddings, Christmas and others, it is easy to forget the real reasons for the celebration. It always comes down to love and people. Not presents or how much you spent on your dress and veil.

Thank you to Andrew and Naomi and our Welsh family for reminding me that it is all about love. Love of self, love for each other and love of God.

Merry Christmas. Be kind to each other.
Dianna Bowes

P.S. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?




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