Age is just a number
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Age is just a number

Age is just a number
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Age is just a number

If not now...when?

This proclamation is often uttered by someone who would just as soon forget the year they were born. And that’s a shame, actually…for there’s something to be said for the power behind these five simple words.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that there are no absolutes…no guarantees…we should know to expect exceptions to every rule. A mere one generation ago, women who were unhappy in their lives were told to figure out a way to operate within that bubble of despair. Changing their situation was not an option regardless of their age…but it was understood that after a certain number, your days would be filled with bridge clubs, grandchildren and weekly hair appointments. My, how things have changed.

These days, there is rarely an excuse for remaining in a less than desirable situation. If you have a dream…if you’ve been waiting for that perfect opportunity to pursue it…I ask, “What are you waiting for? If not now…when?” With the power of technology at one’s fingertips, the possibilities are endless. The road to success can begin with a single click of your computer mouse, with the greatest roadblock possibly being your own self-depreciating frame of mind.

From this point on, erase the words “I’m too old” from your vocabulary. Obliterate the notion that growing older requires that you accrue new aches and pains, while your memory dwindles to an all-time low. There’s a fine line between practicality and a self-fulfilled prophecy. If you remind yourself of all that you can’t do, or don’t have…you’ll invariably never do or have those things.

Consider this your midlife wake-up call. We are officially turning back those clocks…Father Time be damned! The months ahead will include topics on personal development, image, fitness, beauty and friendship, just to name a few….all bearing the same optimistic, buoyant message of endless possibilities and hope for a bright future. The one that’s out there…just waiting…

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor. No more excuses…no more waiting. It’s time to boogie.


AuthorDianna Bowes


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