2024 – Integrity and Focused Action
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2024 – Integrity and Focused Action

Joanne Neweduk 304

2024 – Integrity and Focused Action

Guest Blog By: Vikki MacKinnon - Numerology

How is 2024 going for you so far? Are you sensing a call to action and a stronger commitment to your goals?

What do you know about the connection between Number 8 and your prosperity?

This calendar year every one of us has access to the big, bold, dynamic energy of Number 8 –

the number of business and entrepreneurship,

the number of money, influence, and leadership,

the number of justice, fairness, and karma.

All numbers bring both gifts and requirements. 8 is a number of strength– physical, athletic strength, mental and emotional strength, strength of character and strength of purpose. It often brings financial increase along with increased responsibilities, opportunities to step into a leadership role and have an impact in areas that are important to us, and opportunities to live a bigger, more rewarding life.

2024 is a year of harvest. It’s a year when we reap rewards for good deeds and diligent effort over the past seven years. If we have not honoured truth and right action, then it becomes a karmic year, a year of transparency and accountability as we come face to face with a major reality check.

Number 8 amplifies and accelerates EVERYTHING. Here are a few of the ways that you can engage proactively with the Magic of 8, for Peace of Mind and Positive Results:

  1. Believe that you are worthy to succeed and prosper.
  2. Practice good money management.
  3. Show gratitude every day
  4. Keep the energy of abundance flowing by giving to others within your means.
  5. Make fitness and physical well-being a priority.
  6. Be consistent with your efforts.
  7. Gather information before you make commitments; then keep your promises
  8. Get out and meet people – Show up to connect and show up to contribute.

Believe in yourself …You have the POWER to CRE8 Magic this year!

Check out The Fabulous at 50 Podcast interview with Vikki - https://fabulousat50.com/Podcast




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