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Director: Joanne Neweduk and Team Fabulous
Email: joanne@fabulousat50.com

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About Joanne Neweduk and Team Fabulous:

Fabulous at 50 is a supportive, social sisterhood, encompassing women from all walks of life who are adventurously embracing their middle years with confidence, connection and self-discovery.

Let’s choose Fabulous together.

Join us for an exciting line-up of online activities for both members and guests.

Online membership meetings, intriguing workshops, fascinating speakers, revitalizing retreats on everything from health, fitness, food, fashion and beauty right through to life purpose, money and career.

In addition, once the global situation allows, we look forward to gathering as a global community in person for conferences, retreats and more.

Women from Canada and around the world can engage with our community in may ways.

And best of all...

Become a member  to open up a myriad of opportunities to connect with like minded women during our weekly zoom gatherings.

Once you become a member you can Attend the weekly Fab@50 Club Member zoom call sessions hosted by Joanne Neweduk and Team Fabulous.

Our weekly meetinfs have different themes to support four main areas of our lives… 

  • Community Connections - Let’s get social  - Learn a little. Laugh a lot. 
  • Sensational Self Care - Time to fill your cup on a personal level. Relax recharge and emerge refreshed from your monthly mini-retreat. 
  • Marvelous Movement - Move Your Body - Guest speakers will lead us through playful & thoughtful exercise - music & dance - active living learning 
  • Book Babble and Bling - Stimulate your mind and chat up the latest story you are enjoying with other book lovers. 

In addition, Members will receive access to a members only section perks and bonuses for special events. Enjoy a sense of belonging to a community that encourages inspiration and connection.

Joanne Neweduk and Team Fabulous 

Calgary, Alberta

Director: Joanne Neweduk
Email: joanne@fabulousat50.com

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About Joanne Neweduk:

Joanne Neweduk is the CEO and podcast host for Fabulous at 50, Community Director for  Calgary, and founder of FabulousHealth.

She is a registered nurse, speaker, facilitator, engaging podcast host and certified Metabolic Balance Coach. She joyfully nurtures others to holistic health using a unique blend of modalities, including light and sound therapy, belief re-patterning and personal leadership coaching. Joanne is a contributing author of several award-winning bestsellers, and her message is about having the courage to choose adventure, to accept support, and to know, beyond a doubt, that you deserve to be cherished.

Nothing makes Joanne smile more than bringing people together in community and supporting people to shine.



I just want to tell you how instrumental YOU and FAB@50 is to me. Taking this journey giving me the courage to move out of my comfort zone. I feel the sisterhood with me all the time. No longer an island and alone, part of something much bigger. 😘💗

Cindy from Calgary

Fab@50 Calgary Proudly Supports the following Charaties:

Made By Momma

Gems for Gems 


To create a powerful community of women, who have much to share with each other; and the world.

Joanne Neweduk 

Toronto, Ontario

Director: Roberta Scott
Email: roberta@fabulousat50.com

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About Roberta Scott:

Roberta is a single mother to her wonderful 8 year old son Jesse.

She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of Toronto in 1983 and then went back to school again to embark on a challenging and rewarding 31 year career as an advanced care Paramedic in Toronto.On top of her demanding career, Roberta has always found time to 'give back' and to help others who are less fortunate. She has received numerous awards for her volunteer and community work. Some highlights include being awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Paramedic Association of Canada in 2012 for distinguished contributions to her community and her profession and the Ontario Paramedic Association Exemplary Service Award in 2016.

Roberta is a past Vice President of the Ontario Paramedic Association and was the PR and Media Director for the Toronto Paramedic Association for over 15 years.

Her life passions include – besides raising her son – a love of nature, animals, gardening, physical fitness and mindfulness. Roberta believes for true happiness, it is essential to live a physically active and mentally engaging lifestyle, filled with meaning and purpose, and she wants to help and inspire other women to do the same.

Roberta believes that our personal growth and development should never stop, and that our lives should be an exciting journey. That we should always look forward, to the next new opportunity or adventure. A new chapter in our life can always provide the potential to help us to become our best and most authentic self.

Roberta Scott 


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