Remembering Dianna...
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Remembering Dianna...
Joanne Neweduk 2775

Remembering Dianna...

A Tribute to Fab@50 Founder Dianna Bowes

Dianna Bowes, Founder of Fabulous at 50 had a positive impact on countless people, who now dearly miss her.

At the age of 50 she found herself an empty-nester, not yet remarried and was craving friends to "play with".  She initially set up the first Fab@50 MeetUp as a way to meet new friends and share some fun. From there, the organizations grew and flourished for over a decade, spreading to new cities across Canada.

On March 1, 2020 Dianna claimed her angel wings surrounded by an incredible outpouring of love from family and friends. 

This blog is a compilation of beautiful tributes shared by those who love her.

 It is a dynamic document and will be added to as new tributes are submitted. 


Thank you to Brynda Roche, Fab@50 Director for Edmonton and dear friend of Dianna's for this beautiful slide show. 



From Rae-Ann Wood Shatz:     Most of us can only hope when we leave our Earthly Existence we leave a legacy or a piece of our life that helps others remember who we were during our time on the planet. Dianna left so many, and one of the biggest is Fab at 50; her vision for women, her passion for community and her belief in the power of connection created a ripple that will hopefully support women entering mid life for decades to come. I am proud to have loved her and call her friend. She is deeply missed.


From Juanita Wilson (July 2020):     It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of my great mentor, friend and owner of Fabulous@50 (Dianna Bowes) in March this year; I will always remember our great conversations and the joy of meeting her in person 5 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta and the welcome she gave me to join her wonderful organization as a Community Director for New Brunswick. I have grown and learned so much about the community I serve and made many friends worldwide since joining Fabulous@50. Dianna's legacy will truly live on as Fabulous @50 continues across Canada. Dianna will forever be in my heart ❤


From Kyla Steinke (March 2021):     I am so thankful that Dianna was in my life.💜 She is one of the most authentic, kind and inspiring people I have known. A mentor and friend. I was truly honoured to be on the Fab@50 team working alongside Dianna for over 4 years. I think of her often when I’m on a nature walk or on bike ride. I know she is with us always, living it up and enjoying all the beauty that surrounds her. Thank you for shining your spirit on us everyday. One of my favourite quotes from Dianna. “Love what you do, love who you’re with and most importantly love yourself.”💜- Dianna Bowes I miss you my dear friend.❤️ Kyla 

From Jo Dibblee (March 1, 2021):     My Dianna it’s been a year since you joined the angels. You are dearly missed. Memories flood my mind about our crazy antics. And oh the plans we had ... I am still working on them. ❤️ Thank you for knowing one person can make a difference - can impact others with kindness. For lifting others to new heights. Dianna we are and will remain soul sisters. Dianna, I see you in so many places here - I carry you in my heart ❤️ Love you my friend. ❤️xo

Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

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