Gratitude Changes Everything
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Gratitude Changes Everything
Joanne Neweduk 220

Gratitude Changes Everything

Discover It's Power

The autumn is the season of of Thanksgiving and it is the perfect time to reflect on the power of gratitude and how it can positively impact our lives. Gratitude is not just a warm feeling or polite gesture; it's a powerful tool for enhancing our well-being and building stronger connections with others,


Since the dawn of time, humans have engaged in gratitude practices and rituals often expressed as prayers and special holidays. But there are many ways to incorporate a gratitude mindset into your daily life and we’ll explore several in this blog to get you started. Or perhaps simply expand your current repertoire.


The benefits of gratitude and thankfulness have been extensively studied for the past couple decades, so we'll also reference two research papers that highlight the advantages of having a regular practice.


Gratitude Practice Ideas:


1)     Gratitude Journaling: Take a few minutes each day to write down three things you're grateful for. It could be as simple as a beautiful sunrise, a supportive friend, or a delicious meal. Regular journaling can shift your focus toward positive experiences and increase your overall happiness.

2)      Express Your Thanks: Don't keep your gratitude to yourself; express it to the people who deserve it. Write a heartfelt thank-you note or simply tell someone how much you appreciate them. Strengthening your relationships through gratitude can lead to a more fulfilling life.

3)     Mindful Gratitude Meditation: Dedicate some time each day to a gratitude meditation. Focus on your breath and then bring to mind the things you're thankful for. This practice can promote mindfulness and reduce stress.

4)     Acts of Kindness: Pay it forward by performing random acts of kindness. When you help others, you not only make a positive impact on their lives but also experience the joy that comes from giving. It's a win-win situation.

5)     Gratitude Walks: Take a walk in nature and use the time to reflect on the beauty around you. Notice the colors, sounds, and scents of the natural world, and express gratitude for the wonders of Mother Earth.


Research Supporting Gratitude:


  1. "Counting blessings versus burdens: An experimental investigation of gratitude and subjective well-being in daily life" (Emmons & McCullough, 2003): This groundbreaking study found that participants who engaged in a gratitude exercise for 10 weeks reported higher levels of happiness and overall well-being. Gratitude led to increased life satisfaction and a positive outlook on life.


  1. "Gratitude and well-being: A review and theoretical integration" (Wood, Joseph, & Maltby, 2009): This comprehensive review of gratitude research demonstrated that practicing gratitude is associated with improved psychological, physical, and social well-being. It also highlighted the positive effects of gratitude on relationships and mental health.



Especially during the Thanksgiving season, embracing gratitude can have a profound impact on our lives. By incorporating these gratitude practice ideas into your daily routine, you can experience increased happiness, better relationships, and improved overall well-being. The research supports the notion that gratitude is a powerful tool for living a more fulfilling and satisfying life. So, as you gather with loved ones this Thanksgiving, remember the power of gratitude and make it a year-round practice to reap its benefits.

Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

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