Dianna Bowes Announcement Newsletter
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Dianna Bowes Announcement Newsletter
Super Kelly 1818

Dianna Bowes Announcement Newsletter

March 1, 2020

Time has flown by so quickly and I have visited this post so many times in the many days. I have cried, sat motionless, erased, lost the work, pounded on keys, cursed, cried again, edited and re-edited, but,  it is time. I keep hearing Dianna's words- "IF NOT NOW... WHEN."

Damn! OK Dianna.   I am listening! 

This is the HARDEST announcement I have had to make and I am at a loss for words. I truly am and I don't want to send it.. but I must. I am speechless and grief stricken as many of you are.

Sigh.. Deep Breathe. What Comes will Come.

It is with the deepest regret that I must inform the Fabulous at 50 Community of Dianna Bowes passing on March 1, 2020 at 2 AM in Edmonton, Alberta


There will be a Celebration of Life for Dianna closer to the summer as due to the COVID-19 Virus Concern the Original Celebration was postponed.

It will be at the Northe Point Church

Address:14025 167 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 1J5

Please Watch for Updates.

There is a FB page SENDING LOVE TO DIANNA -Fab@50 where you can share your thoughts and memories. I know the family, John, Amber, David (and Dianna) appreciate all the heartfelt posts and it also helps connect all of us together which was Dianna's Vision.

This page was set up to help with expenses and also to begin a Legacy Fund to Support Dianna's Mission.

John has indicated that once costs are covered if there was any amount left he would like to start a foundation in Dianna's name, creating an ongoing legacy to honor the legacy she has so magically created over the past many years and by all the lives she has touched

Please go to 

Fabulous at 50 Edmonton Events will be cancelled for the Month of March to honor Dianna and her family. 

Please Note that we will return in the following months. Watch for Events and come support them.
Rest In Peace Sweet Dianna - Your Dream and Vision will always live on in our thoughts and our hearts.

We know you will continue to whisper your love and encouragement gently in our ears and hearts and we will always see your creative angelic footsteps surrounding us forever.

You are forever in our thoughts and hearts until we take our last breathe.

Thank you for FABULOUS You!
See you in Heaven's Strawberry Patch Sweet Angel.

To honor Dianna, let's join arms together and carry on Dianna's Mission of Kindness- Connection-Collaboration and Community. Thank you all for Supporting Fabulous at 50 and Dianna throughout the years. You were all so precious to her.

Together we can change the world and carry DIANNA BOWES' Legacy in a huge way to all communities.  Her body may have given out, but her spirit will live on forever. 

In order to continue her dream of a Worldwide Fabulous at 50 Community, we need your help in supporting the Fabulous at 50 Events, Directors, and Community Ambassadors.

Thank you to Dianna's Chapter Directors-Licensees and Community Ambassadors for carrying on her torch.

Calgary        Joanne Neweduk
Edmonton    Brynda Roche
Moncton       Juanita Wilson
Toronto        Roberta Scott

Community Ambassadors
Sherwood Park     Anita Dunne
Leduc                     Val Senio

Hugs to all of you. Dianna is smiling on each and every one of you as you read this. Now go LIVE YOUR LIFE and capture the magic of what you bring to the world.

Thank you Dianna - Job well done!  Bravo!  You still are a Class Act and God is blessed to have you up there organizing some incredible tradefair, music festival,  plantnite, or gathering!   Love you to the moon and back and forever.  

Super Kelly


Super Kelly

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