Creating an "US"
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Creating an "US"
Joanne Neweduk 1278

Creating an "US"

Celebrating a Loving Relationship

Relationship is a complex phenomina. Especially romantic ones, with spouses and life partners. There is certainly varied beliefs out there that can both hinder and help the success of a relationship to be fulfilling for both people involved. On April 21, I celebrated a milestone in my relationship and shared my thoughts in a post on social media. It was warmly and overwhelmingly recieved and I realized that people love "LOVE".  It is a basic human need. We are fascinated by it, drawn to it, and we WANT to celebrate it, even when it aludes us. We want to be inspired to "find it again". 

I found myself in that place over a decade ago. I had been rocked to my core and was not certain that love was in store for me again. That is when a dear friend of mine told me that I deserve to be charished. CHERISHED? In that moment I was feeling anything by cherished, but I held on to that gimmer of hope. Now we all know that hope is powerful. It plants a seed deep inside us, waiting patiently for us to create the right enviroment for it to germinate and grow. And grow it did. 

Below is the post I made on social media to celebrate the relationship that I am in, and to honour our success in creating an "US".  An "US" where we both feel cherished. 

You too deserve to feel cherished.

I have oftern told my coaching clients this as I support then to navigate stressful times. May it also be your seed of hope. 


10 years ago πŸ—“ today I was getting myself ready πŸ’„ with excited anticipation of a coffee β˜•οΈ date that I would be going on, later that evening.οΏΌ

πŸ™ŒπŸ» I was about to meet the man who had captured my attention as we emailed back-and-forth for the previous couple weeks.

πŸ€” I was intrigued by his thoughtful letters filled with raw honesty, humour and kindness.

Today, I have that same tingle ✨ of anticipation, as I pack for our getaway to Canmore πŸ” and our romantic πŸ’• dinner tonight, in celebration of this “date-a-versary”

Back then, I was in full mom mode πŸ’ƒπŸΌ , having spent the previous four years flying solo and healing wounds πŸ’”from an ended marriage.

During that period, I also took time to examine πŸ‘€ and redefine my attitude, behaviour and beliefs around relationship, πŸ™‚ as I knew that we all co-create our reality.

10 years ago, I was ready to risk opening up to love ❀️ 🀲🏻 again.

I was happy with “me” and I was ready for “we”.

I did not create a list πŸ“ of what I wanted in a man.

I focussed on what I valued in a relationship❗️

I wanted a relationship built on mutual love, respect, and support πŸ’—;

filled with lots of laughter 🀣,

adventure 🌎 β›° πŸ›Ά ⛺️ and πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ .

I wanted a relationship where we each felt cherished. πŸ₯°

Ron... for the past decade, you have been my πŸͺ¨ , my best friend, my lover❣️, my confidant 🀫 and my cheerleader πŸ“£ πŸŽ‰ .

We have laughed 🀣, we have criedπŸ₯², we have made countless family dinners πŸ₯˜ 🍷 🍺 where laughter rings through the house 🏑 from our beautiful blended family.

Not only do I love you, and myself… I love “US”

πŸ™ŒπŸ» An Us that is greater than the sum of the parts.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» An US that allows each of us to shine πŸ’«brighter as an individual.

πŸ™πŸ» An US that allows each of us to know we never walk alone, even when we’re not together.

πŸ₯‚ Tonight we will celebrate our love πŸ’• for each other and the beautiful world we have created as an “US”

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Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

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