You made it.. make 2017 the best ever
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You made it.. make 2017 the best ever
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You made it.. make 2017 the best ever

The Christmas season is officially over, unless you are Ukrainian, of course. It took me right up until we went to the Singing Christmas Tree on December 16th to get into the spirit this year. I cried through the whole performance, it just touches my heart every time I hear those beautiful voices. Especially one very special person, my friend Loretta, who sent kisses to me from the stage. I love the Christmas carols, connecting with friends and family, but I don't like all the crazy shopping and pressure of it all. For some people this season can bring out negative feeling and many people find it hard to get through. Finances, family issues or just too many expectations. As a child, Christmas brought together a family that didn't along all that well, which affected me for many years.


This year only 1 of 5 children was home, plus our adopted Australian family flew off to Europe, so we were feeling a little unsure of what to do for Christmas.

We were very honored to be invited to my daughter's boyfriend's family Christmas in Camrose. We had the opportunity to enjoy a day in the country with some really nice people and lots of happy dogs.


But the highlight of 2016, was the re-connection I have had with family and friends. People I have not seen or had anything to do with it for 35 or more years have come to support me. When I published my book in January, little did I know what would happen. I have to admit I had some fear that some family members would read it and take offense to my stories. But that did not happen. Since last January I have re-connected with several aunts and uncles, cousins, and half siblings. Where I saw differences before, I see the similarities. We are all just human beings trying to do our best.

Then the craziest thing happened in October, a long lost friend I had worked with in my 20's at good old Woodward's, found me and we met for the first time in over 25 years last week. The funny thing was I was looking for her as well. She is not a social media person, so I could not find her. Luckily she attended the Fabulous@50 tradeshow in Calgary and had the courage to talk to my dear friend Debra Kasowski, who quickly called me and put her on the phone. There were tears on both ends of the phone and we both swore we would never lose touch again.

She came to Edmonton last week and we talked for hours and could hardly tear ourselves away from each other. This was such a wonderful gift. Time just does not change some things. It does not change the goodness in people and Dawn is one of the best.

So when I think about everything that happened in 2016, publishing my book, 2 trade shows, talent search fundraiser, speaking opportunities, and TV and radio interviews, I feel the most joy about the people in my life. The relationship I have with my children, my husband, and my adopted Aussie family, the forgiveness and gathering with my family and friends.

The business accomplishments are great, but without the love of the people it all means very little.


My mother and I never had the relationship my daughter and I have, but losing her earlier his year shook me up. It peeled off the last of the protection I had around my heart to protect me and has made me look at people and situations in a completely different way. I believe that when I poured my heart in to my book, I broke down a fence, and that is why these people have come out to meet me at the gate, because now it is open. I am sure my mother would be happy about that.

This year we lost so many influential people. George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Prince and so many more. Plus our family lost my mother, my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law. Whether you are famous or not, you still leave people sad when you leave.


I feel strongly about leaving a legacy, but never will it come before the people I care about. I think of my Grandmother who hardly left her home yet whenever she is spoke of, it is with love. That is her legacy... what will yours be?

What will 2017 and beyond be for you?
Mine is to be more compassionate, loving and continue to inspire women to live an authentic life. And have more fun!

What do you stand for?
I stand for honesty, trust, compassion, and most of all love.

What is important to you?
My family, my friends, my health and my community

Who is important to you?
All of you. Happy New Year.

Now is the time to look at these things. Especially the relationships. Because once they are gone, they will never be another chance to mend the fences.

Take a minute and write down your answers, keep it somewhere you can read it every day.

Let's make 2017 a year of forgiveness and gratitude.

If not now, when?

Dianna Bowes is the creative director of Fabulous@50 and editor of Be Fabulous! Dianna is also the author of The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience - Refresh your mind, body and spirit.  

Photo is of me (Dianna Bowes) my cousin Debbie and her daughter Danielle.




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Wanda-Lee Tuson

You are a true inspiration and I am blessed to call you my talented and beautiful FRIEND!

Teresa Jessen

Thank you so much for all you have shared! Can't wait to meet you!!!

Loretta Friedrich

I'll happily sing and blow kisses to you any day my dear treasured friend. Looking forward to making more memories this year. HUGS, <3


Dianna, just meeting you this summer was one of my happiest days , we only had an hour or so together but could of talked to you all day.I could feel the connection we have as loving people that we are ,2017 will be a fabulous year for me as I endeavor to grow and inspire the baby boomers ladies that I meet each and everyday ,you are my inspiration and so happy you have given me the opportunity to not only work together for the larger good but I can call you my friend .God bless you richly this year xo Juanita

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