Why NOT be Fabulous at 50??
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Why NOT be Fabulous at 50??
Super Kelly 5124

Why NOT be Fabulous at 50??

That was the 'theme' of the new Fabulous@50 Toronto chapter 'launch' event at Creeds on May 15th. Our special guest speaker was the wonderful and fabulous writer, speaker, psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher Elaine Smookler, who inspired the room of over 40 women that attended.


Being in our 50s definitely has its challenges, changes and transitions, but I truly believe that my best years are still ahead, and that as a 54 year old woman I have so much to offer, so much to be thankful for, and so much to still experience!  

One of the best things about being a 'mature' woman is the wisdom and the knowledge we have acquired through our life experiences. The dramas are over, we have settled into our skins and have truly learned to 'not sweat the small stuff'. We have coped with transitions, losses, and milestones along the way so far, and have come through them stronger and more grounded in knowing what really matters in life.

At this time in our lives, if we have been paying attention to what our minds and our bodies have been telling us, we are still feeling good and looking good!  And if not, it is still not too late to change that!


We realize and accept that we are never going to look and feel exactly like we did when we were 25, and that's ok, because 50 is fabulous, and consciously living at being the best you can be at whatever age you are is really the key - no looking back, just being present, appreciating the gifts in our lives, and really looking forward to new beginnings.


As the late great Bob Marley sang (I am a big fan of him and his music) in his classic reggae song Coming In From The Cold, 'when one door is closed, another is opened'.


Roberta Scott is 54, a 31 year veteran advanced care paramedic as well as the Community Director of Fabulous@50 Toronto.

 She was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Paramedic Association of Canada in 2012 for distinguished contributions to her community and her profession and the Ontario Paramedic Association Exemplary Service Award in 2016.

She believes that our personal growth and development should never stop, and that our lives should be an exciting journey. That we should always look forward, to the next new opportunity or adventure. A new chapter in our life can always provide the potential to help us to become our best and most authentic self.


Roberta would love to hear from you, so drop her a line at roberta@fabulousat50.com if you have any question or comments or if you would like Roberta to speak at an upcoming event

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