What a feeling!
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What a feeling!
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What a feeling!

I love music and live theatre and even more when it comes in the nice package of musical theatre. So going to Jubilations is always on my list of fun things to do. This was my third time and I always enjoy the shows and dinner. We were pleasantly surprised with the new venue, we didn't realize they had moved. It has a great setup for viewing and way more room with a really nice lounge area.

Flashdance: an 80Jubilations - Flashdance’s Flashback, was playing the night we attended. It brought back memories of bad fashion and hair styles, plus the music brought back many good memories of my younger years.

Of course, Flashdance: an 80’s Flashback is not exactly like the movie, but has the same message. A female hero, doing an unorthodox job (welding) that has a dream to go to a famous dance school in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. I loved that line, it got a laugh every time. It had several love stories and the menagerie of characters made it fun to watch.

A question that is asked all the time, is "Are the singers really singing?" I actually had that thought as well, because they were so good. I loved the voice of character "Gloria" the owner of Randy's, the club where all of the action happens.

A very cool surprise was when Gillian Moon, who plays Alex, did some Circus Soleil moves on the aerial ribbons. She is not only a wonderful dancer, gymnast and singer, but the performance on the aerial ribbons was a real bonus.

You can never go wrong when the message of any woman, any age following her dreams. It is what Fabulous@50 is about, so I always feel inspired when i see that in movies or theatre.

When I looked around the room I saw high school students and seniors and everything in between laughing and clapping along with the performers and making their way to the stage to dance with the performers every chance they got.

I am always in awe of how they manage to serve dinner to so many people at once. The four course meal was served in between the three acts starting with soup and salad first. We were told we got both because we were VIP. We tipped him well...;) This show and dinner takes so many people spinning plates to make it happen. The Jubilations serving staff not only serves you, while being in character, but does it very efficiently. I love that they bring up the audience to compete with contests and to acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries. We are looking forward to the next show Greased 2, as we were the lucky winners of a gift certificate. Woohoo!!! Gather your family and take in a show for Mother's day, it is a show the whole family would enjoy and Mom doesn't have to cook.

Dianna Bowes is the creative director of Fabulous@50 and editor of Be Fabulous! Dianna is also the author of The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience - Refresh your mind, body and spirit. Dianna Bowes is the creative director of Fabulous@50 and editor of Be Fabulous! Dianna is also the author of The Fabulous@50 Re-Experience - Refresh your mind, body and spirit.





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