The Foxy Fifties and Sexy Sixties – Exploring Your Inner Love Goddess!©
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The Foxy Fifties and Sexy Sixties – Exploring Your Inner Love Goddess!©
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The Foxy Fifties and Sexy Sixties – Exploring Your Inner Love Goddess!©

If you are 50 or older, when was the last time you turned your attention to your sensual (and sexual) well-being? It was a sad day when I discovered that many women at this stage of life have abandoned that key part of themselves and have settled for practical underwear and flannel pjs. The idea of sensuality and sexuality during middle age seems dead and buried.

Perhaps you, like me didn’t learn much about our sensuous bodies as young women. Much of what we needed to know was taboo, with the mistaken idea by our elders that the less we knew, the less trouble we would find. So much for that myth!

As a result of my upbringing, I was never sure if it was o.k. to explore topics such as sensuality and sexuality. It wasn’t until I was single again and in my 50s that I began to pose questions to good friends. Articles started surfacing about the importance of sex in maintaining women’s health – I was thrilled to learn that orgasms are very good for us – and very possible, regardless of whether or not we have a partner.

Also good for us is to experience ourselves as the sensuous creatures that we are. Nothing does that quite as well as soft, silky, satiny, sexy lingerie. Some women I know spend more on the clothes next to their skin than what shows to the rest of the world. But how do you pick when most of the chains stock items clearly designed for young women’s bodies and shapes?

To the rescue comes Suzanne Harris, owner of Aphrodite Undercover Lingerie whose mission focuses on helping women discover their inner goddesses via lingerie. She shops in both North America and Europe to bring a delightful array of choices to suit different body types and sizes ranging from slim to plus.

Last November, six of us met at a dear friend’s home to seek our inner goddesses and invite them to play. Suzanne started with a fun quiz to help us determine which goddesses we felt the most connection to.

Then she guided us through the myriad of possibilities for matching lingerie to our body types and sensual natures. Ooh la la! Suzanne not only has a keen eye for which fashions suit her clients, she exhibits great compassion for women’s feelings about imagined body flaws and sensitivities.  Shy at first, we were soon admiring the clothes and trying them on. I for one got a good start on revamping my underwear drawer – down with sensible – up with sexy! After all, my inner goddess believes that every day should be Valentine’s Day!

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AuthorSue Paulson


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I totally agree with Dianna, that we are never too old to turn our attention to our sexual health. It is totally okay to think about it, talk about it and do whatever we can do to make it better. As peri and post menopausal women, some of us are experiencing dryness, irritation and pain with intercourse. Your doctor may have suggested or prescribed some treatments for you which did not help or you really did not like to use, there is another option for you.

As you revamp and get those sexy underwear to reveal your inner goddess, as you work on making every day Valentine's day, think about a new medical laser treatment MonaLisa Touch(R). Visit our website for more info.

Regenerate your sex life ladies!

Dianna Bowes

It was such a fun night. I remember going to lingerie parties as a young women. I think I was way more self conscious back then.


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