Secrets to Divine Feminine Magnetism
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Secrets to Divine Feminine Magnetism
Joanne Neweduk 355

Secrets to Divine Feminine Magnetism

Guest Blog by Dr. Sondra Joyce

Have you ever walked into a room and had every eye turn to look at you, similar to Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman?  Or, have you experienced observing another woman’s presence that had that kind of impact?  Did you feel or think, “I want what she has!”  Or, felt intimidated by her energy and power?  It is not just the beautiful women in the world blessed with curvy figures and gorgeous physical attributes, like Marilyn Monroe, that have the ability to shift energy.  No matter your size, color, or background, you can be charismatic and rich in your being and presence.

The truth is, you can have amazing impact on your world without losing 20 pounds, without a low cleavage top, without what was once the typical feminine beauty model. You have the ability to create your unique magnetism by your presence, as you radiate love, sensuality, and self-mastery.   It’s all about your unique spark of feminine power that is only yours to reveal.  Women desire being with other women that bring out the spark in them.   Women love that feeling of spiraling upward with others they feel spiritually attuned to and have a shared purpose with. 

The aura around you is what entices others to engage.  Sensual, juicy energy is your most powerful tool when it comes to creativity, success, invention, thinking outside the box, and delicious impact on your world.  Embracing, exploring and experiencing the sensual you will have maximum impact and influence as you delve into your personal purpose.

Below are simple ways to develop a charismatic and charming magnetic you:

  • Be genuinely enthusiastic.
  • Walk tall, poised and purposeful.  Engage in soft eye contact.
  • Develop your sense of humor, smile easily, laugh when you feel the inner smile overcome you!
  • Be authentic, speak and walk your talk.
  • Listen to music that literally makes your heart sing!  I like Paul Hardcastle, especially his album Desire.
  • Dance, move, sway, let your body flow.  Practice yoga, Qigong, Zumba with body and soul positivity.
  • Breathe slowly and purposefully!  Literally, take time to smell the roses.
  • Develop your sense of touch so that the energy of your heart radiates down your arms, into your hands.
  • Ask a trusted friend for a divine feminine consultation.  What’s calling to you?  A new haircut, different colors?  What’s calling you inside, a special meditation or intention?
  • Practice gratitude and praising others for their special qualities.
  • Cultivate intimacy with yourself and others, remembering that true intimacy is in-to-me-see.

Guest Blog By Dr Sondra Joyce


Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

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