Passion and Purpose at Work
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Passion and Purpose at Work

By Charmaine Hammond & Debra Kasowski

Passion-driven women in the workplace and in our communities will have a better chance of survival during any economical climate when the level of passion and connection to purpose is high. Passion for what you do creates an energy that propels you to take action and think progressively. In fact, it has a positive contagion factor, like a stone in the water creating ripples, passion does the same thing. This passion is ignited in the people who you serve. They want to do business with you and associate with you because of the person you are and the experience you give them when they do business with you. Customers that are fueled with your passion are committed to your mission and values and will continue to do business with you. The same applies to the communities and groups you may volunteer with and support. When you bring passion and a sense of purpose to your group and volunteer efforts, it inspires and connects others. To re-ignite your passion and make 2010 an incredible business year, here are some helpful approaches to be passion filled, purposeful and profitable in 2010:

Be Enthusiastic About Your Work, Your Team, Products and Services. When you are enthusiastic and positive about your work, team, products, and services, the people around you will become more enthusiastic and positive about your business, team, products, and services. Let them know how they will benefit from doing business with you. Let people see firsthand the strength and energy of your team. When you are passionate in your work and volunteer work, the tasks seem to take less effort.

Get to Know Your Customers. Take some time to get to know about your customers. What are their wants and needs? Do they have a family? What do they do in their spare time? Target your marketing. Building relationships is key. The same rule applies for getting to know your colleagues.

Show Appreciation for Your Customers. Let your customers know that you appreciate their business. Go the extra mile. What can you do that would set you apart from your competitor? You could host a customer appreciation night, write a note, or provide a discount on future purchases. Invest in your customers - share in their passions.

Discover Employee Talents and Passions. Take some time to get to know your employees and colleagues. When you take to get to know your employees and colleagues, you can discover their talents, passions and what motivates them. Identify potential and develop that potential.

Engage Your Team. Let your employees contribute ideas and be a part of the solution for workplace issues. Know employee strengths and assign them responsibilities where they can thrive and be productive. Engaged employees are more invested, results are higher and turnover is decreased.

Create passion in your business and you will attract more clients that that will fuel your passion!


Debra Kasowski & Charmaine Hammond- Forward Vision Enterprises

Authors of GPS Your Best Life-Taking You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be coming November 30/09.
To Contact Charmaine & Debra:
Charmaine Hammond, MA, BA
Hammond International Inc.
Phone 780-464-3828

Debra Kasowski, BScN
The Millionaire Woman
Phone 780-819-3891






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