Summertime - Did You Make the Most of It?
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Summertime - Did You Make the Most of It?
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Summertime - Did You Make the Most of It?

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to summer with such anticipation! Perhaps it is because in Canada we live in such a cold climate for the majority of the year - summertime represents fun and freedom to me. It is my favourite time of year, because I love the hot weather, the warm summer nights, the freedom of going out in short sleeves, and not needing coats and jackets. And all the wonderful options of great fun and active things to do.

I really try to make the most of summer, right till the bitter end, by spending as much time  as possible outdoors, and by doing all the great and active things we just can't do easily (or at all) in the winter. I love riding my bike, so taking a long leisurely bike ride along Lake Ontario is a favourite – I might go with a good friend, or all by myself for that lovely solitude and reflective time we all need once in a while. I will pack a cold drink and a picnic lunch and head out for a few hours. I hope you have been able to take some time out, just for yourself this summer, to do some of the summer activities that make you happy – maybe meeting some good friends on a nice outdoor patio for dinner and drinks on a warm evening, or getting up north to relax by a lovely lake or at a cottage?

Or just going for a long walk through a local park and enjoying the calming effects of nature all around you – the trees, the flowers, and maybe an animal or two.

I believe strongly (and research in this area will back me up) that as we age, we need activity more than ever, and outdoor activity is so good for your body, mind and spirit. Connecting with nature, spending time with a good friend or close family members, or enjoying some alone time – I encourage you to really be present in your last few summer days and upcoming fall activities. Take time to be outside, really notice your surroundings, the green grass, beautiful flowers and strong and solemn trees as you walk by them. Make the most of what is left of our summer, do something fun and active outdoors that makes you smile and feel good. Savour the warmth, the greenery, and how good it feels to be present this summer. You will be glad you did.  


Roberta Scott is 54, a 31 year veteran advanced care paramedic as well as the Community Director of Fabulous@50 Toronto.

 She was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Paramedic Association of Canada in 2012 for distinguished contributions to her community and her profession and the Ontario Paramedic Association Exemplary Service Award in 2016.

She believes that our personal growth and development should never stop, and that our lives should be an exciting journey. That we should always look forward, to the next new opportunity or adventure. A new chapter in our life can always provide the potential to help us to become our best and most authentic self.


Roberta would love to hear from you, so drop her a line at if you have any question or comments or if you would like Roberta to speak at an upcoming event

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