How To Plan A Fabulous Coffee-Themed Afternoon Party
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How To Plan A Fabulous Coffee-Themed Afternoon Party
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How To Plan A Fabulous Coffee-Themed Afternoon Party

If you love to drink coffee, then you’re probably one out of millions of Canadians who consumed almost enough coffee to fill a barrel in 2015. According to a research of 80 countries, Canada made it to the third spot in the list of top countries that drank the highest amount of coffee, with an average of 152.1 litres consumed per person on that year alone.

Baby boomers are also some of the most enthusiastic coffee drinkers, and they often pair their afternoon caffeine fix with a sweet pastry as a study shows that boomers have a sweet tooth and are 1.5 times more likely to consume baked goods such as cakes and brownies than any other generation. To celebrate this love of coffee and pastries, why not plan a fabulous coffee-themed afternoon party with friends? It’s the perfect way to get together and indulge in some of your favorite treats, and best of all, it works as a theme for anything from a baby shower, a bridal shower, a book club meeting, or a 50th birthday party. Here’s how to plan a coffee-themed party in your home.

Have three types of coffee for your guests

If you’re having this type of party, get out your favorite beans and a few drip coffee makers to make coffee. Plan on having three on hand to make at least three types of coffee for your guests. One can be a regular brew, the other can be decaf, while another can hold flavored coffee infused with cloves and nutmeg. Let your friends help themselves by pouring their own coffee and provide sweeteners such as brown sugar, stevia, maple syrup, and raw honey. Put out some cream, skim milk, and almond milk so guests can choose which one to mix into their brew. You can also set out some fun additions such as ground cinnamon, powdered cocoa, or liquors to add an extra kick to a cup of Joe.

Plan on having a mix of savoury and sweet foods to pair with coffee

Savoury foods such as mini bagels with cream cheese and finger sandwiches pair well with a hot cup of coffee. But the star of your spread is likely to be the cakes and pastries that are meant to complement your favourite beverage. You can serve two types of coffee cake—one with some fruit, like a blueberry coffee cake, and another studded with pecans and covered in streusel. Set out a platter of chocolate walnut brownies, and perhaps a cheesecake as well for a touch of decadence.

Send your guests home with coffee-themed party favours

For an easy coffee-themed party favour, fill mason jars with coffee beans, tie some natural twine around the jar, and you’ve got a nice item for your friends to take home. Or send your guests home with some chocolate covered espresso beans or coffee flavoured candies.

Take your next party to another level by serving delicious coffee and decadent desserts. Try any of these tips to have a coffee-themed afternoon party in your home.




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