Embracing the Unplanned:
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Embracing the Unplanned:
Joanne Neweduk 259

Embracing the Unplanned:

A Journey into the Pros and Cons of Spontaneity

During a recent podcast interview, I found myself pondering a question I had never given much thought before: Am I a spontaneous person?


As I delved into my typical behaviors and choices, it became evident that I indeed lean towards spontaneity, more often than not. The conversation led me to reflect on a recent camping trip that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and challenges of embracing the unplanned.


Let me take you on a mountainous journey to Kananaskis, Alberta, where a spur-of-the-moment decision opened the door to unforgettable experiences and a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of living life spontaneously.


Pros of Being Spontaneous:


As I stood amidst the picturesque landscapes of Kananaskis, with rays of morning sunlight warming my face, I was reminded of the remarkable advantages that come with letting go of rigid plans and embracing the spontaneous flow of life.


  1. Unforgettable Experiences: Our decision to pack up and head out for a camping trip a week earlier than planned was driven by a sudden burst of warm weather and a less than favourable forecast for our planned vacation. This impulsive choice would lead us to witness Kananaskis in all its glory – the majestic mountains, the lush forests, and the tranquil lakes. The stunning views and serene surroundings left an indelible mark on our hearts.


  1. Living in the Moment: The unplanned nature of our trip forced us to let go of schedules and simply immerse ourselves in the present. Hours were spent kayaking on the glistening waters, with our adventurous pooch by our side. The experience was a vivid reminder of the beauty that lies in fully embracing the here and now, fostering a sense of freedom and peace.


  1. Igniting Creativity: Spontaneity has a knack for sparking creativity. Without predefined itineraries, we found ourselves stumbling upon hidden trails, discovering unmarked viewpoints, and witnessing breathtaking scenes that hadn't made it onto our original plans. The sense of novelty invigorated our minds and encouraged us to see the world through fresh eyes.


Cons of Being Spontaneous:


While the allure of spontaneity is undeniable, it's important to acknowledge the potential challenges that can arise when we relinquish structure.


  1. Logistical Hurdles: The whirlwind packing that accompanies spontaneity often leads to “in that moment stress” and the potential of leaving behind a few essential items. Our trip was no exception, as we found ourselves missing a few key things that would have made the experience more seamless. It served as a gentle reminder that a touch of planning can go a long way.


  1. Missed Opportunities: Kananaskis boasts a plethora of activities, each more enticing than the last. Our change of schedule and shortened trip meant we had to make on-the-spot decisions, inevitably missing out on some planned adventures. This served as a reminder that spontaneity, while wonderful, can lead one to pass up planned experiences. For us this was a fair trade off to have the nicer weather.


  1. Navigating Uncertainty: The heart of spontaneity lies in its unpredictability. Our decision to leave early was heavily dependent on weather forecasts – a gamble that fortunately paid off with clear skies and warmer weather, albeit, forest fire smoke did roll in during the afternoons. However, this uncertainty can be unsettling for those who thrive on predictability.


In retrospect, my impulsive choice to pack up in haste and venture into the wonders of the mountains, encapsulated both the allure and the challenges of spontaneity. The breathtaking moments of kayaking with our four-legged friend and absorbing the natural wonders around us highlighted the sheer beauty that unplanned experiences can offer. At the same time, hiccups of logistics, missed opportunities, and the dance with uncertainty underscored the importance of finding equilibrium.


As I look back on the memories made, I'm reminded that life's most cherished moments often unfold when we surrender to the unexpected. The art of living spontaneously isn't about dismissing plans entirely, but about finding harmony between the planned and the unforeseen. By doing so, we can open ourselves up to a world of vibrancy and fulfillment that can only be found in the uncharted waters of spontaneity.



Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

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