Balancing Your Inner Wild
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Balancing Your Inner Wild
Joanne Neweduk 262

Balancing Your Inner Wild

Guest Blog by HeatherAsh Amara


So many of us are exhausted, frustrated, and stretched thin by trying to be the “perfect” person: strong, confident, and whole. But this image of perfection is an illusion that keeps us trapped in comparisons and power struggles, not-enoughness, and toxic criticism. 

For the times we are in we must learn how to stay curious, compassionate, and in tune with what is going on within ourselves and the world around us.

Wild, Willing, and Wise is a contemporary reimagining of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes.

Whether we realize it or not, our lives are a constant cycle through three energies: the creativity and abundance of Wild, the courage and power of Willing, and the gratitude and surrender of Wise.

Allow me to introduce you to your support team: Wild, Willing, and Wise. WILD: our creativity, curiosity, adventurer energy . . . the aspect of us that is innocent and playful and believes that everything is possible. Our Wild guide is the one who says, “Let’s keep going—that was amazing!” after the boat tips over or things get scary. 

WILLING: our stabilizing, nourishing, and generative energy . . . the aspect of us that births and raises children, projects, businesses, and communities. Our Willing guide is the one who keeps us going when the going gets tough and reminds us when to paddle and when to rest. 

WISE: our visionary, intuitive, and patient energy . . . the aspect of us that listens deeply and holds the big picture. Our Wise guide is the one who knows how to surrender and let go into what is, to merge with the river and ride the waves. 

While we all carry the energies of Wild, Willing, and Wise within us, for many of us, they are out of balance. When we are deficient in one energy or relying excessively on one or more, we feel off-kilter, weighed down, uncertain, and unsteady. But when we have all three energies working together in the boat with us, we feel steady and prepared to flow with the river of life. When we can bring these three energies into balance, they are the best outfitted, experienced, and fun guides you could ever ask for.


Your WILD guide is creative, curious, and adventurous. It is the part of you that’s ready to jump into the river and start flowing. It is your inner Wild child. With Wild energy comes a sense of delight and awe and wonder that is already inside each of us, that bone-deep joy of being alive. But often, especially as we flow through life, our Wild energy gets out of balance due to trauma, impetuousness, fear, or stagnation. 


• Signs you have too little Wild energy: 

You’d rather stay on the shore than experience the river of life. 

You find it hard to see the lighter side of situations. 

You feel pessimistic about the future. 


• Signs you have too much Wild energy: 


You jump into the river of life without an oar or even a life jacket. 

You make your decisions on impulse. 

You frequently make promises you don’t keep


When our Wild energy flows naturally, we experience the joy of being alive. We see the world through new, curious eyes. We can bring that childlike wonder and delight in balance in our lives by removing anything that’s blocking its flow. And when our wild tips toward impulsiveness and immaturity, we can gently guide ourselves back toward curious connection. 

On the diagram, notice the words under each category that most relate to you. 

Which three words best describe how you see yourself right now? 

Which side of Wild energy are you most aligned with: deficient, centered, or excess? 

How does Wild energy manifest in your life? 

What do you think/feel/sense about Wild energy? 



Here are some of the ways you might have smushed or subverted your fire. 

Put an X next to ones that resonate with you. 

Note: Remember, detective of love, witness yourself, don’t judge! Scout the territory with neutral curiosity. 


____Believing you have to be mature all the time 

____Staying immature so you don’t have to take responsibility 

____Thinking being Wild means you get to be reckless and impulsive with no consequences ____Being overly cautious and timid for fear of hurting others 

____Being unreliable and flighty, and claiming it is your spiritual path 

____Claiming your brittleness and fear as just the way it is 

____Confusing being impulsive with taking mindful action 

____Confusing being pessimistic with being “real” 

____Using sexuality and pleasure for approval or to avoid feeling alone 

____Closing off your sexuality and pleasure as unimportant or a burden 


Review the Xs on your list above and craft one new agreement that would stoke your Wild fire.

Examples: I can be mature and playful, free and focused. 

I can take mindful action from openhearted curiosity. 

My sexuality and pleasure is for me. 

Write freely with loving Awareness and no judgment. Get curious.


Excerpt from the upcoming book Wild, Willing, Wise: When to Paddle, When to Rest, and When to Jump Naked into the River of Life By HeatherAsh Amara

Pre-orders now available:


BIO - HeatherAsh Amara is an author, mentor, land steward, philanthropist, and lover of fire who has spent the last three decades weaving together earth-based wisdom, mindfulness, and practical strategies for creative, courageous, and compassionate individual and community change. 

HeatherAsh has written 9 books and created numerous audio projects, including the bestseller Warrior Goddess Training (Hierophant Publishing, 2014), The Seven Secrets of Happy and Healthy Relationships with don Miguel Ruiz Jr, (Hierophant Publishing, 2017), The Art of Listening audio (Sounds True, 2016), and The Warrior Heart Practice (St. Martin’s Essentials, 2020).

She is the founder and Executive Director of The Center for Creative Intent, which offers space and education for community leaders to retreat, learn, and grow their capacity both for weathering the oncoming storms and leading their communities through the transitions and contradictions we all face. 

When she’s home, HeatherAsh plants her feet in New Mexico but as a lifelong nomad, she spends most of her time traveling, teaching, and writing in cafes around the world.


Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk

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