You are enough!
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You are enough!

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You are enough!

As a women who has been hurt, judged and came from a past of neglect and abandonment, I can tell you that being vulnerable was something that I avoided like the plague. But what I realized was by not being vulnerable and opening my heart to love whole-heartedly, I missed out on having  joyful and close relationships. Losing my first husband at 20 numbed me to being vulnerable for many years. I was so afraid that if I loved someone that much and they left for whatever reason, that I would not be able to deal with it again. I just did not want to feel that pain again.

So I didn’t open my heart again until 10 years ago.

Thankfully I was given many lessons and gifts along my journey to wake me up to the necessity of being authentic. Just being me…whatever that meant.

There is nothing I love more than meeting and being around people who are courageous enough to just be open and show us me who they really are. Warts and all. I have been blessed to be surrounded by people who are comfortable enough to take that risk.


As I stand in front of a group of Fabulous@50 women, I am filled with passion to inspire, educate and maybe empower them to embrace their uniqueness, there are moments of…I wonder what they are thinking? Am I being too open…will they understand me and of course the old, do they like me? Silly really, but it is there.

But that is the risk I decided to take so that I could follow my heart.

I know that for me I thirst for connection, to fully feel part of something that brings joy and happiness. And ladies, there is no other path to this unless you are vulnerable. As someone who is extremely transparent I take the risk that I may be hurt or that I may develop incredible relationships. Tough choice. Not really!

But how do you break down the walls once you get them up. One brick at a time. Surrounding yourself with trusting people and by being one of those trusting authentic people yourself. I highly suggest getting a coach, doing some personal development to dig into those nasty little places that we keep the shame hidden. It is never too late to discover that little treasure chest of joy of being enough!

SUGGESTED READING: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Dianna Bowes is the founder of Fabulous@50 and the editor of Be Fabulous! magazine. Dianna was the winner of the 2011 YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Turning Point Category.




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