Winter is coming!
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Winter is coming!

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Winter is coming!

If you’re like me, the onset of winter means a less active social life. This winter will be different, though. I’ve decided to embrace the cold and snow and use it as an opportunity to spend time in-doors with the special people in my life.   

Here are 3 of my ideas:

Dining – This could be a lucky winter for the ‘adventure eaters’ on my list of friends and family members. I’m going to crack open one of those cook books gathering dust and experiment with something new. Whether it’s a soup or a casserole, a braised chop or a tofu delight – I’ll attempt new recipes to expand my cooking repertoire. At least once each month an invite will be extended and the cooking will begin. Better yet, I’ll invite my guests and let them do the cooking. That could be really fun!

Project Work – While I’d love to arm my friends and family members with my household ‘to do’ list, I’m really talking about the sort of project work that could be fun to do together. Maybe I’ll have a painting party or enlist help to stencil the walls in my bathroom. (I can always hire a pro if it doesn’t work out!)  These winter projects could be construed as work – but as long as we’re focused on the journey and not the end result – it could be a great way to spend time together.  

Play – We all need time to play! This winter, I’m going to host a few ‘games nights’. They’re a great way to spend time together and (unlike the two options above) no-one has to work!  I find that the structure provided by a game is really beneficial – especially if your guests don’t know each other well. My pick? This summer, I discovered one that definitely appeals to those of us with a sense of curiosity. It’s About Us, Boomer+ Edition – a card-based game which is actually about Canada’s boomers plus those older. It’s the product of nationwide research and I like it because it’s interactive, easy-to-play and I can relate to it like no other. Check it out! 

Bundle up and have fun this winter!




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