We are jumping off with both feet!
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We are jumping off with both feet!

We are jumping off with both feet!
Super Kelly 1771

We are jumping off with both feet!

Making a difference in the Baja

Ever since I was eight years old, I have longed to make a difference. I mean at the grassroots level, to do the work and be able to say yes it mattered in some small way.

It’s not only a longing, it’s part of my DNA – who I am at my core. I have always been drawn to service and being part of the greater good.

My bucket list included doing something in which I was knee deep in the change.

In January of 2018, I decided it was now or never. As life would have, it in February 2017 life changed in a very real way, and later that summer I was reminded again that life is unpredictable and at times downright brutal! But I am digressing. I’ll get back to that later. For now, let’s just say that the saying ‘if not now, then it may never happen' became very real.

Mexico Orphanage

And so, off the porch I jumped. You know the saying, “Go deep or go home”… oh wait that’s not the saying it’s “Go big or go home,” but it fits here.

So began the search – there had to be a way. And when you dig deep enough, there always is.

My husband, Michael, and I set out for Baja Mexico in October of 2018 with a plan to once again serve Cortez Rescue and New Kids Creations Orphanage. We were both able to contribute, and yet we knew there was still something more. But what?

We had begun fostering beautiful fur babies first came Riley (left) whose personality was waiting to be unleashed. After that, we learned of an organization SNAP – Spay Neuter Awareness and Prevention clinics that set up clinics to help control population growth. They do remarkable work.

Michael and I volunteered for SNAP and our first time out I had eight

Mexico Cortex

animals in recovery to care for – we were in deep! The next weekend I had only three, but then I was shown an abandoned puppy who was so weak and malnourished she could not stand. The vet was sure she was blind.

Michael and I decided to foster her although we weren’t sure, she would survive the night we wanted her to feel love and lots of it. We, along with family, named her that day – Mexicali.

I am happy to report Mexicali (left) not only survived but is thriving and has a fabulous forever home in Vancouver BC. Her new name is Misty. Mimi followed Misty and what a joy she was to foster.

Mia and Mimi were inseparable and when Mimi when to her forever home Mia missed her (below).



Mexico Riley




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