The Priority Shift
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The Priority Shift

The Priority Shift
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The Priority Shift

What does it take to shift your priorities? Do you wait until your life is a mess or your health is suffering before you start to look after yourself. I used to do that. I would wait until I was so sick or run down, and then I would give myself permission to take care of myself and shift some my priorities. Then I could get all the sympathy and my martyr cup would overflow. 

Last month when my husband had his skiing accident, I quickly shifted into caring for him and for myself. I cancelled as many commitments as I could so that I could focus on him but also for me to make sure I could manage this crisis. I needed to manage the stress of the situation by releasing appointments and expectations. 

One of the events I didn't cancel was a speaking engagement for the Ismali Ladies Development Group. You would think, this being a new activity for me, I would have quickly cancelled it so I wouldn't have to speak to a group of strangers. I was tempted as I am just in the learning stages of speaking, so there was a fair amount of prep time and I was a little nervous. But something tugged at my heart telling me to go. From the minute I walked through the doors, I was welcomed with such kindness and hospitality, I was overwhelmed and humbled. 

My talk was called "Recipe for a Fabulous Life." Well, having your husband almost die and be in the Critical Care Unit does not really fit into the Fabulous Life Category. When I shared the story of how quickly life (your recipe) can change, the ladies surrounded me with hugs and prayers, given with such pure love, I knew why I was pulled to talk to these lovely women. 

Even though I thought I was going to talk to these ladies to help them, they helped me. I left feeling so full and had a wonderful restful sleep that night. This event should not have been on my priority list, but what it did for me that night, was give me hope and lift me up. This is what women should do for each other all the time. This is my priority. 

FYI: John is home now, still healing, it may be many, many months before he gets the use of his right arm again, but he is alive, with many new challenges. But it has been another opportunity for us to see why we are together. We are an awesome team and I truly believe that together we can pretty much tackle anything. Thanks for all your well wishes, and I hope you all have a enjoyable spring and summer. 

P.S. If you would like to hear my "Recipe for a Fabulous Life", check out the event.


Dianna Bowes is the founder of Fabulous of50 and the editor of Be Fabulous! Magazine.Dianna Bowes - Founder of Fabulous@50
Dianna was the winner of the 2011 YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Turning Point category and the 2014 Leader of Tomorrow Business Award. She is a creative soul, who loves connecting people and embracing life. Travel, great food, family, friends and a long bike ride on a sunny day is her definition of great life. 






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