Stop Shoulding on Yourself
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Stop Shoulding on Yourself

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Stop Shoulding on Yourself

I have to…. I must…. I should…. How many times have you started a sentence off like that?

The impression is that you're not good enough as you are and you must/should/need to make changes in order to be good enough.  Ouch.  I'm here to tell you to stop “shoulding” all over yourself.  It only serves to stress you out and make you beat yourself up.

You may want to weigh less.  But why?  Do you feel like it's something you should do or have to do or will only feel good about yourself if you do?

How about this instead: I like myself as I am – extra weight and all.  In order to be healthier and live longer, I CHOOSE to release some extra weight.  And if I don't, I love myself anyway.  Chances are, from this place, it will come easier than it does when feeling the need to change in order to be better and more lovable.

Here are some tips to help you like yourself again so that you can make changes from a place of love rather than loathing:

See what you like.  Look in the mirror and get in the habit of seeing the good rather than what you'd rather was different.  Admire your curves rather than cursing them.  See your beautiful eyes.  Notice how well your body works and celebrate all the things that it does for you everyday.

Treat yourself.  Do something for yourself DAILY.  It can be something small like lighting a scented candle or having a small piece of high quality chocolate.  It can be something a little larger like getting a pedicure of having a long bath.  Consciously do something everyday that makes you smile.

Express Gratitude.  Keep something like a guaze bag with a few small stones or a special trinket in your purse or pocket.  Every time you touch it, take it out and express out loud three things you are grateful for.  Especially if you're feeling stressed, find a way to turn it into gratitude.  Stuck in traffic?  Be grateful you have a car, for the song you like playing on the radio and for the sunset out your window.  Be creative, you may be surprised how many wonderful things there are around even when you're feeling growly.

Accept Compliments.  It's a habit for most of us to ignore or minimize compliments.  Take the time to accept the gift of a compliment.  It will help you – and the giver – feel great!  By being willing to take a compliment graciously, you will discover how highly others think of you and likely change how you feel about yourself.

Congratulate Yourself.  Another tendency is to dwell on what we feel we did poorly rather than on what we do well.  When you do a good job or handle something well, pat yourself on the back.  Acknowledge how well you did.  Take a moment to really notice what you did and smile.  Keep a journal of your daily successes and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

You are a beautiful, sensual woman who is wonderful just as you are.  It’s time you reminded yourself of that on a daily basis!  You are already wonderful and you're only getting more amazing every day!  You deserve to have what you want and be everything you are.  Remember - Be Beautiful, Be YOU!


Christie Mawer

The Bad Kitty



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