How to anti-age your hair
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How to anti-age your hair

How to anti-age your hair
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How to anti-age your hair

Hair is one of the things that can change as we get older, but those changes don’t have to be bad. As the Fabulous@50 community knows, getting older isn’t about sitting and letting things happen to you, it’s about going out there and doing what feels right.

If you think your hair is a problem as you rise in age, it’s time to change things up and there are lots of ways to do so. I’ve seen some really inspiring fresh and beautiful hairstyles and in meeting inspiring older women have picked up great tricks on how us Boomers can anti-age our hair. Here are a few tips from what I’ve learnt:

1. Short hairstyles for older women
Just like doing your make-up, picking a hairstyle is about working with what you’ve got, not against it. That means if your hair is getting thin or ratty at the ends don’t just continue with a longer style because it’s what you’ve always done. Now is the time to try one of the numerous great looking short hairstyles for older women. Have a look out for celebrities with shorter hairstyles – think Helen Mirren with her chic bob or Judi Dench with her updated, mature pixie-style look. Consider what would suit your face shape and if in doubt of which short hairstyles for older women will suit you best, try consulting with a hair stylist for some professional advice.

2. Hair care products as you get older

There’s no point just using the products on your hair that you have always used if your hair type is actually changing too. There are fabulous products on the market that can really help to anti-age your hair. Do a bit of research and work out what would work best for your locks. Many older beauties find volumizing products helpful to avoid thinning and give that much needed hair-lift boost. Try volumizing shampoos and hairsprays. Other ladies find their hair also becomes dry. Why not use a regular hair mask to get rid of any nasty cracking ends? I apply thick and creamy concoctions to my hair at least once a week, leaving it for 5-10 minutes and really notice the gorgeous results!

3. Avoiding sun damageAs we know when it comes to skin, sun damage can be bad! Keeping on top of the potential problem by protecting your hair just as you do your face is vital in warding off cracking or dry hair in the golden years. I love a good 1950s style wide-rimmed beach hat for that glamorous seaside look. Not only does this make you feel rather elegant, it protects both hair and face from sun damage. Have a look too at the specialist shampoos and conditioners which leave a protective barrier on your hair. Using these when you know you’ll be out in the sun all day can have a really beneficial effect.

By changing up your style every now and then, using some of the great products on the market and protecting yourself from the sun, your hair will age as gracefully as you do. Seek out more inspiring tips from our community of Fabulous@50 ladies and get ready to enjoy soft, beautiful hair.
Joana Teixeira




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