Food, Fat and Fatigue - Getting Real Part 3
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Food, Fat and Fatigue - Getting Real Part 3

Food, Fat and Fatigue - Getting Real Part 3
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Food, Fat and Fatigue - Getting Real Part 3

The test of any diet or eating program is going on a vacation. My husband and I love to go to Vancouver Island for mini retreats on a regular basis. We have a beautiful little place close to downtown and the harbour. The first thing I did was contact our place and ask them if they had a blender. Bingo! One challenge down. My son, who lives in Victoria, picked me up and we went to the market to get all the food we needed. The great thing about Victoria, is there are lots of very health conscious people here. Lots of fresh veggies and the regular things like coffee, bananas and almond butter. My husband's staples. I was little worried about eating out, but I just decided not to sweat it. Fish in Victoria is plentiful and salads are on every menu. 

Shonda Holt, the Functional Nutrition Practitioner (Nourishing Yourself) I am working with, has opened my eyes to some new ideas. And has brought up some things I had forgotten about. One point that came up was at my last meeting, was the issues I have had in the past with a lack of B12. I am sure I am not the only person, who starts something and then for some strange reason, stops doing it. For years I used to go and get a B12 shot from my Naturopath, and then somewhere down the road I stopped. Time to start taking B12 again. Also we upped my healthy oil intake. Adding MCT oil, coconut, and hemp to my shakes and salads. 

I am down about 8lb now, and feeling like my clothing are fitting better. But the really amazing thing, is that is not the focus. The focus is on hormones, blood sugar and digestion, all of which have improved. 

The best part of working with Shonda, is she is looking at the whole person, my lifestyle and not just treating me as a client. But at the same time, I need to stay focused on the reason I am working with her. And health is the main reason. I want to be the healthier grandma, one that can bike and play with my grandkids. And one that can enjoy food, without the worry of gaining weight and having digestive issues. 

There is so much new information and research around nutrition, take some time and do some digging. Plus as we get older, we all need to make adjustments to our diet and lifestyle. Time to rethink what you are eating for breakfast. 

Gotta go, a walk if calling me. And you can't ignore Mother Nature. 

Dianna Bowes is the founder of Fabulous@50 and the Creative Director of Be Fabulous! EMagazine. 




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