Fabulous Member SPOTLIGHT - September
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Fabulous Member SPOTLIGHT - September

Fabulous Member SPOTLIGHT - September
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Fabulous Member SPOTLIGHT - September

Congratulations to Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart

This week we shine a spotlight on Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart of Calgary AB.

Cynthia is an active FabClub member with an inspiring story and warm engaging presence. The first time we ever spoke was on the phone and our quick touch base call turned into an hour long conversation. 

She has recently been featured as a contributing author in the compilation book   Women of Inspiration - Women Driving Change This book contains over 100 inspirational stories of women (and a couple of men) from diverse backgrounds. They share how they overcame barriers, broke the glass ceiling and paved the road for other women. Breaking barriers and paving the way for others is definitely a great way to discribe this amazing women. 

Cynthia is a retired police officer, mental health advocate, writer, speaker, and mentor who was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder seven years ago, two years after she retired. She is now on a mission to support other first responders and their families who face PTSD. She is breaking down stigmas, stereotypes and misinformation. 

I love this quote on her website... "Complex PTSD. My body’s reaction to trauma. Not just the trauma I faced as a police officer, but also the personal traumas that life threw my way. It isn’t who I am, but it colours my response to everything in my life." 

To read her full inspiring story, visit:    https://www.cynthiahamiltonurquhart.com

Cynthia was featured on the Fabulous at 50 Podcast. Episode 25  Watch Here on YouTube     Find Your Favourite Podcast Platform 

When asked what Fabulous at 50 meant to her, this was her response... “There are so many things that I love about the Fab@50 community. Joanne welcomes everyone into the "family" with an open heart, making us all feel like we matter. Connection, conversation, a sense of belonging, and opportunities for personal growth. We lift one another up by sharing our success and providing support with our struggles. What an amazing group of women."




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