Diet and Fitness log
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Diet and Fitness log

Diet and Fitness log
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Diet and Fitness log

As we move through January this is a great time to reflect on our goals for our health this year.We are bombarded with ads for everything from gym memberships to shakes to promises to lose this or that much weight in a short time. If you are like me and health is the priority then you can take some very simple steps towards your goals, such as starting out with basic 15 minute walk on the treadmill or outside if possible, you can just add more water to your diet, for me starting a diet and fitness log is one of the best things I do for myself. This keeps me accountable but also helps me to see my progress, like for example starting out walking 15 minutes a day the first week then adding on 5 more minutes each week.That way I don't get discouraged by doing to much to fast. We all lead very busy lives with work, home etc but taking an hour a day to do what will benefit your body is of utmost importance. As I am a baby boomer I cherish my health even more. Do something today that all your organs will thanks you for.

Juanita Wilson is the Fabulousat50 Community Director in Moncton, New Brunswick. To contact her




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