Affordable Ways of Breathing Life into Every Space in your Home
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Affordable Ways of Breathing Life into Every Space in your Home

Affordable Ways of Breathing Life into Every Space in your Home
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Affordable Ways of Breathing Life into Every Space in your Home


We’ve all experienced that fantastic sensation when we step into a fresh new outfit, when we leave the hair salon in style, or when we appreciate the healthy glow of our skin after treating ourselves to a facial. Those little renovations can make all the difference to how we look on the outside, but more importantly how we feel on the inside. So, why should this be any different when it comes to the look and feel of our home?

An entire new kitchen, an attractive bathroom suite, a beautiful new lawn. While these kinds of home-design facelifts are tempting, they’re also very expensive and particularly time-consuming. They’re also pretty permanent and so require a great deal of time and thought. But there are many other ways in which we can breathe new life into every single space in our homes that don’t cost much and don’t take weeks to complete.

Gardens and outdoor canvas art

Canvas art in your garden is a quick, affordable way of adding more color and personality to any outdoor space. Just about anything can be printed onto a piece of canvas and so you can design your art to match the mood and plants that you already take care of. To give you an idea, you might want to follow a theme that focuses on nature or perhaps a wonderfully calming landscape.

What’s more, canvas art is specially designed to cope with the external elements of wind, rain and intense sunshine. Materials can be used to ensure the durability of your design and keep it safe from the perils of moisture and humidity, or to protect the vivid nature of the colors from fading over time. If you’ve got a particular area of your outdoor space that you’d like to highlight (perhaps a section that you’d like to convert into a place for guests to relax in or an area dedicated to a small organic garden), you can use canvas art design to help create personality and set the appropriate tone.

Bathrooms and tile adhesives

It’s not a good idea to install tile adhesives in the shower, on countertops, on the floor, or on ceilings. Mainly because water can find its way behind the adhesives and the constant wear and tear caused by people walking over the adhesives can cause premature damage. Having said that, there’s so much you can do with sticky tile adhesives on any budget.

You can add a little color to a mainly white bathroom, choosing to make a feature of the tiles on one wall, the backsplash, or even the mirror. You can also cover up small cracks or tile designs that you’ve grown out of by carefully placing new adhesives designs over the top. The great thing about using adhesives is that it’s possible to renovate the look of your bathroom every year, or even every six months if you want to, because costs are minimal and you don’t need any expertise to install them

Kitchens and cabinet covers

While an entirely new kitchen would cost a small fortune, cabinet refacing is quicker, easier and cheaper. By changing your cabinet covers from the pine wood design you installed ten years ago to a sleek-looking black, your kitchen can go from being country cottage to modern luxury in just a couple of days. Bear in mind that cabinet refacing is a professional service and that it’s advisable to employ an expert should the idea of a change interest you.

On the other hand, if you’d rather keep expense to a minimum, you could try self-adhesive kitchen covers, normally made from a vinyl material, to revamp the cupboards in your kitchen one by one. These self-adhesive options can also be used to cover dishwashers and refrigerators.

Bedrooms, lounges and soft furnishings

Bedrooms and lounges can be given an instant facelift with a few changes to the soft furnishings. You might even decide that you want to create a cosy feel for the winter months and a fresh, flowery space in the summer. With a quick change of throws, cushion or duvet covers and feature rugs, you can update the seasonal look of your space in just a matter of minutes. You can even change the look and feel of your sofa from one day to the next with the addition of a simple sofa slipcover.

Consider the choice of material, just as much as the colors. Soft, fluffy designs feel different on the skin to suede or leather. Bright red will generate a much greater impact on the eye than soft pastel tones.

So, remember. Regardless of your budget and your DIY expertise, there’s plenty you can in your home to give it that new lease of life it’s so desperately crying out for. What’s more, the change is likely to make you feel just as fresh and happy as a visit to the spa. After all, a happy home makes for a contented lifestyle.




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