A Real Foundation
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A Real Foundation

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A Real Foundation

In the day and age we’re in now, with the outer structure crumbling, there’s still a freedom of choice. The fundamental question is: do I let myself be caught in fear and insecurity, or do I choose to step up?
If I choose to make a step, what is it based on, what is its foundation?

The value of a solid emotional and spiritual foundation

In order to make a step forward, it is very valuable to have a solid emotional and spiritual foundation. To be in harmony with and within oneself is one of our highest goods! The better the foundation - the better the results.

You already have more than enough information from the outside: books, television, family and friends. But what is it that actually works for you? What is it that makes you feel more whole and complete? What really nourishes you?

Finer Listening

A finer listening is essential. Learn to listen and hear what the signals in your body tell you. How you behave and how your body and mind respond to (hormonal) changes is as personalized as your fingerprints! When you’re connected with your body, you know what feels good and what doesn’t. You can sense what makes sense and what not. A good way to become familiar with your intuition and with what’s true for you is, to make this a daily practice. Little moments of listening will improve your hearing!

Welcome the change

With the amount of stress most of us are experiencing now, we need to be able to welcome change. Letting go of what was can be painful, but it’s never the end. I like to call them growing pains and how natural they are! Support is available, by letting in a bigger perspective. The advantage of maturity is that we can step back and see from a higher perspective. We don’t jump to conclusions so quickly. We see and acknowledge that we’ve been in a similar situation before: sudden changes are a part of life! And so far so good: we survived! Whether this was a physical accident, the loss of a beloved, a divorce or losing your job: here you are and you’re alive.

The great opportunity with a big change in your life is that it puts everything in a different perspective. The human species is a species of habits. The shock of an involuntary change has the opportunity to bring out the worst and the best in us. As an experiment you can take a moment now to check and see how often the worst scenario became reality in your life.

The best

The best part is related to what you truly want, what you truly long for. It’s heart related. This, with a practical mind added to it, can start a process of giving form to something that is more in accordance with you. Something that brings nourishment and fulfillment. Something that brings out the purpose of your life.

How to do that

I can almost hear you asking the question: how can I do that? How to give form to what I truly love, believe in, really want to give my heart and soul to? This passion in me, how can I move forward with it?
There are many books and courses available: explore, experiment, find out how it is for you, what works. And sometimes it’s good to have a coach: to add clarity, focus and direction to your life. A one-on-one approach can be helpful to de-clutter the thoughts and feelings. By integrating the whole of you it will become clear where you’re heading -meanwhile rejoicing in the process!

Step by step

I am like most of us are: I learn step by step. And I need to hear, read and see this more than once. And blessed is the day that the coin drops in the right place. Eureka!
It is as if all the parts in me become aligned and not until then am I ready to move forward.
What to do in the time before eureka?

  1. Ground yourself. Being grounded increases your state of presence in the here & now.
  2. Journal. Writing it all down will create distance = perspective.
  3. When you’re confused and or feel overwhelmed: reach out to a friend. As women, it’s in our nature that by sharing thoughts and feelings clarity arises.
  4. Nurture the seed and water the plant while valuing that you’re on the path!
  5. With hindsight certain events and coincidences start to make sense.

Preparing the ground

I like to share this gentle and direct approach from Leslie Fieger:
You can have more when you are willing to give more. You must begin this process by giving more to yourself. Give yourself more time; give yourself more attention; give yourself more love; give yourself more of what you want. Then decide how to offer the more that you are (and have) to the world and you will receive even more back in return.

A solid foundation begins with a gentled heart. To be a beacon of true calmness and light will serve you and those around you.


Monique is an expert in stress management with over 25 years of experience as a therapist, coach and trainer. The trainings that she completed in Europe, Asia as well as in North America have provided her with a background in Massage Therapy, Structural Bodywork and Family Constellations. As a Professional Health and Wellness Coach, she is specialized in Stress Mastery : to add clarity, focus and direction to your life.

Before moving to Edmonton in 2002, she had a successful practice in Amsterdam delivering health and well-being workshops at management training centres. In addition, she provided services for companies and government departments. Currently, she is extending her Stress Mastery coaching practice in North America. In her Natural Body office she also offers a combination of Massage/ Bodywork & Coaching.

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