52 Reasons Why I Love Turning 52
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52 Reasons Why I Love Turning 52
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52 Reasons Why I Love Turning 52

I'm turning 52 next week and celebrating another birthday has never been better. 

Here are my 52 Reasons Why I Love Turning 52: 

1.   I’ve learned how infinitely precious life is. 

2.   I’ve stared death in the face - and it no longer scares me. 

3.   I’m no longer afraid of getting old. 

4.   I can revel in the wisdom I’ve gained through my experiences. 

5.   Age is just a number. 

6.   I’m proud of my age.

7.   There’s still time to realize my dreams.

8.   My dreams have gotten bigger not smaller.

9.   I can recreate myself.

10. I’m more confident.

11. I can look back on my life as one beautiful tapestry.

12. I’ve learned how to relax into life, knowing that whatever happens is for my highest good.

13. I’m grateful for all the memories I’ve made. 

14. I’ve discovered how wide open the world is.

15. I've had the opportunity to witness breathtaking places around the world that some people may never see.

16. I feel more free now than ever before.

17. I can wear whatever I please. That includes shorts, bikinis, or sequinned leggings.

18. I can wear a bikini in public. Women all over the world do so why can’t I?

19. Breaking fashion rules has never been more fun.

20. Wrinkles are my badge of honour.

21. I can say screw it to plastic surgery. 

22. I am proud of my scars - they show me how incredibly strong I am.

23. I can go to bed whenever I want.

24. Taking naps has never been better.

25. So is getting up early. The same is true for late nights.

26. I can be a redhead today and a beautiful silver next year.

27. I am comfortable eating dinner in a restaurant all by myself.

28. Learning new things is so much more fun. 

29. I’ve learned how to be easy and gentle with myself.

30. I have so much more free time.

31. I can enjoy my kids.

32. I love watching my grown kids realize their own dreams. 

33. I now dance to the beat of my own drum.

34. I no longer do what I don’t want to do. If something doesn’t interest me, I move on.

35. I know how to tell the difference between givers and takers, encouragers and criticizers.

36. I’ve learned that the biggest blessings in life are the ones most people think are so awful. That includes divorce and life threatening illnesses.

37. I follow my intuition. And it never fails me.

38. I love the silence more than ever.

39. I’m the happiest in peaceful, tranquil places.

40. I no longer need noise or distraction to drown out my inner voice.

41. Happiness lives inside me. I no longer look to people, places or things to fill me up.

42. My happiness is contagious. It can spread like wildfire to those around me.

43. When I push through my fears, I can create miracles.

44. I love my body with all its imperfections.

45. I love how strong my body is.

46. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

47. I speak up for what I want.

48. I can speak from my heart.

49. I learned how to dance through life.

50. I live a live full of love.

51. My life is full of endless possibilities.

52. I am so grateful to be alive.

Annie Pool is an International Best Selling Author and the Director for Fabulous@50 in Victoria. In 2013 she was diagnosed with incurable cancer and turned an insurmountable obstacle into an opportunity. Drawing on her life changing travels abroad, she visualized her cancer journey as an exciting travel experience. Within less than 6 months, she changed a cancer diagnosis into her passport to life.

That same year, she also helped establish Victoria Shopping Tours, became an International Best Selling Author and the first Director for Fabulous@50 in Victoria. 

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